Pros & Cons of a Long Distance Relationship

long distance relationships

When you have true feelings of love for someone then it becomes easy to maintain a relationship. But when it comes to long distance relationships, people have different reviews about it. If you ask the people around you about long distance relationship then they will tell you it is the worst stage one could experience in life. On the other side there are a few people which even balance the worst situations and remain in relationship for the sake of their love. It is even considered as a good part too, because due to long distance people meet with a time gap and enjoy each other’s company. Have a look on common pros & cons:

Positive sights or pros of a long distance relationship

Miss your partner

Couples that live together spend most of the time together and face one problem. They don’t have time to miss each other and don’t even get alone time. it is good to be in a long distance relation for a few time to enhance the feeling of love and realize your partner’s worth and company. It even strengthens your bond too.

Alone time

It is essential to maintain your own space and spend me time. Either you are in a relationship or not it is good to have alone time. So you can get time to relax, do your favorite things, enjoy with friends, study, stay with family, watch TV, etc. this way you & your partner both can get enough time.

People who are living in a relationship get more chances to talk, to be romantic, and even develop interest and curiosity to meet each other.

Negative sights or cons of Long distance relationship


We probably have many positive sights but can’t deny the fact that there are hurdles too. You won’t find yourself partner all time together. You struggle with emotional up & downs, mood swings. It hurts more, when you get to know one of your friends have a date but you know you can date your gadget only.

Phone & laptop

As we don’t spend enough time on phone and other tech devices but the long distance relationship survives though technology only. Calling and texting is the only way to communicate with your partner.

Possessive nature

It can ruin your relationship if you are possessive and want to have focus on every step of your partner.

The long distance relationship do work, but only when both partners are committed with each other. It will work when you compromise and understand the situations.