Indian weddings are the big fat weddings that take at least 2 to 3 days to celebrate it. But it has its auspicious significance too. Every ritual and tradition hold specific values like from designing Indian wedding cards to mehndi ceremony, held to Vermilion ceremony everything has unique means. Like Haldi, this ingredient contains entire ceremony. Turmeric is an honor for India, due to its anti –inflammatory, antiseptic and other healing properties it is used as a medicine, but except this Indian wedding praise turmeric with its entire name. According to the ancient inscription, every ritual in Indian wedding holds a specific significance:


What is Haldi Ceremony

In Haldi ceremony, a paste of turmeric is applied on the bride’s & groom’s body. The paste combines hard, sandalwood, milk or rose water. This ritual held at both the bride & groom’s place on the wedding day or a day before the wedding. This ceremony named differently in different area like Tel baan, ubtan, mandha etc.

Significance of Haldi Ceremony

To keep evil eye away

Most of the people believe that the reason for applying haldi is keeping the bad eyes off the bride and groom. It is strictly restricted to go outside the home after applying haldi till their wedding time. In some areas, they have tied a red thread on the wrist or offered with some amulets to prevent from an evil eye.

Auspicious color

The yellow color is considered auspicious in Indian wedding tradition. The bright yellow color shower prosperity at the beginning of a new life of a couple. It is also a reason why people wear yellow in the marriage celebrations.

Glowing skin

Indians have many beauty secrets for radiant skin and turmeric is one of them. Turmeric is an antiseptic and good for healthy skin as it heals many impurities and acne problem related to skin. It offers glowing skin to the bride & groom on their special day.


Since turmeric is an antiseptic and known for its medicinal properties, it ensures that bride and groom are blessed with blemish free skin. It also protects couple cut & other skin ailments.

Body Purifier & cleanser

According to Indian tradition, turmeric holds an auspicious place, and it is used to purify & cleanses the body. It also has exfoliating agents, it effectively exfoliates dead cells and detoxifies the skin when you remove the paste from the body.

This ritual had religious as well as emotional values and celebrated with great joy.