Dealing With Injury After a Car Accident

Dealing With Injury After a Car Accident

It’s an unfortunate reality that any of us can be injured at any time, and car accidents are among the most common ways a serious injury can occur. Common car accident injuries are things like whiplash, broken ribs or other bones, concussions, and internal bleeding. These injuries can all be very serious, and it’s understandable to desire compensation for suffering, financial losses, and other harmful effects of a car accident, especially if it was due to another’s negligence or direct fault.

Receiving compensation after a car accident will likely require help from a legal team like these bakersfield car accident lawyers. While it isn’t really possible to estimate an average payout for injury cases due to all the individual factors, taking the proper steps along with a legal expert will give you the best odds for a settlement.

Seek Immediate Treatment

As with any injury case, it’s important to seek medical attention as soon as possible after a car accident. First and foremost, this will be your best chance at preventing an injury from becoming more complicated and having a timely recovery. It’s also of great importance to your legal case.

Immediate medical treatment will help prove that all injuries suffered were a result of the accident rather than any other sources. If you wait to be treated, the defendant may be able to discredit your claim by arguing that you suffered the injuries due to another incident or that the injuries were aggravated by improper care.

Additionally, seeking immediate treatment will help ensure that your medical records are kept in order. Gaps and inconsistencies in medical records are among the most damaging things to a personal injury case. You must be aware that the defendant will do anything in their power to lessen your claim, and subpar records are a great tool for this. You need proof of your injuries and treatment, and you also need proof of all follow-up appointments and treatment progress.

Preparing for a Consultation

Once you’re ready to look for an attorney, there are some steps you should take before the consultation. Luckily, personal injury attorneys typically operate on contingency fees, so there is virtually no risk to you during this process. You’ll want to collect as much relevant paperwork and evidence as possible before meeting with an attorney.

Any video evidence there may be of the accident would be a great help, as well as photographic evidence. If you don’t have any showing the accident itself, it’s still important to collect evidence of the scene. Signs in the area, skid marks, and other visual clues can add context to the situation. You’ll also want to bring any accident/police reports and any other relevant paperwork. Contact information for your doctor and any willing witnesses will be helpful as well. Doing all of this will show the attorney that you are serious about the case and willing to cooperate, and this will make them more likely to accept your case.


It may be easy to assume that once a lawyer accepts your case that the rest of the work is up to them. While they are well-equipped to deal with the situation, your role as a client isn’t finished yet. You’ll need to keep your attorney updated on any changes in your case. This will include your medical condition, since the pace of your recovery can be factored into your settlement. 

You’ll also need to keep a record of any financial losses due to the injury. This doesn’t mean just medical expenses. You’ll also want to keep track of any money lost due to being unable to work. Lastly, you’ll need to inform your attorney any time someone contacts you about the case, as there’s a chance it’s an attempt to discredit it.

While no case is a certain success, following these guidelines and keeping your attorney informed will give you the best chance at a successful outcome.