Top 10 Study Plan Ideas from the Top HSC Coaching Centre in NSW

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As you near the end of Year 12, studying can become more challenging than when you started the year. 

This is the time when you start thinking about future career prospects. Enrolling in an HSC learning center in NSW can be useful in giving you a sense of direction. You can also follow some of these easy rules in your daily life to make HSC preparation a smooth ride.

Set Personal Goals

Start your year with a specific goal in mind. After all, education is a means to an end. This will also help you tune your study plan accordingly. 

For example, you can try and set your mind on an ATAR score that you ideally want. Try to envision your future, with the varied post-school options on offer, such as:

  • Tertiary education, that is whether you plan to go to university/ TAFE/ college
  • Whether you see yourself working full-time
  • You can also sign up as an intern or an apprentice in a trade of your choice.
  • Moreover, there are a plethora of volunteering opportunities out there.

For those of you without any concrete idea, start by asking yourself: “What do I not want to do?”

Study Hours Recommendations from HSC Tutoring Experts 

Results from various surveys reveal that 98+ ATAR students study for 2-3 hours every evening, on an average. Going by this fact:

  • You can identify the number of hours you need, based on your ATAR score goals.
  • Write that figure on a post-it and put it up on a bulletin board.

Set some clear and realistic learning goals. This will help you focus and give you a sense of direction, without which no number of study hours will be fruitful.

Get Ahead with HSC Coaching

  • Availing HSC tutoring options can help you identify those aspects that your school is likely to cover in the coming week.
  • Get ahead of your class by devoting stipulated time each day to covering these topics.
  • Clarify your doubts, if any, by asking your teacher in class or your online tutor on an HSC site.
  • Practice writing for your exams with mock tests provided by experts.
  • Improve your time management skills with practice papers and mock tests.

HSC Online Classes: Pick an Ideal Study Location

Some students thrive while studying on their own, at home, or in the library. Whereas, others need extra guidance. Sign up with an HSC coaching center in NSW and bring out your hidden potential.

Maintain a Personal Tracker

Overall, the Year 12 syllabus can appear to be too vast and overwhelming. However, it really is an assortment of smaller segments and various forms of assessments. All you need to do is break these up into manageable blocks.

Include Study Breaks

  • Just like study blocks, incorporate regular study breaks into your daily schedule.
  • In case a study session spills over to your study break time, make sure you adjust the rest of the sessions accordingly.

Banish the Distractions

  • Ideally, turn your phones off while studying.
  • However, since many study materials have gone digital now, this may not entirely be a feasible option.
  • In such cases, download relevant tools for studying and put your phones on airplane mode.
  • For those of you who can work with it, turn on some music (not too loud) to help you focus.
  • Make sure to create a space for studying that is comfortable, quiet, and receives plenty of light. 
  • Before commencing your session, double-check you have everything you need for it, including study notes, stationery, water (keep yourself hydrated), and any other relevant items.

Go Out, Have Fun

Just because you are preparing for a life-defining examination, does not mean you will have to lock yourself up in your home forever. This is a tense moment in the lives of many students. 

Give yourself a break by going out, taking a walk, or simply hanging out with your friends. But, if you do, make sure you have put in at least an hour of study before or after that break.

Make a Habit of It

Make consistency with your best friend. Your HSC study plan can only succeed if you do it every day, like following a pattern. Although it is important to keep yourself from procrastinating, it is equally important not to stress yourself out. Study time and break time should go hand in hand.

Get a study partner if it helps. In fact, in many cases it has been shown how getting a study partner can be productive. This means you can plan study sessions with your friends. This helps to relax the mind as you have someone who is in the same boat as you. Share your doubts, test each other’s preparedness, compare notes, and vent your frustrations!

Finally, Napping is Important

It is a popular belief, as well as a common practice, among students that studying through the night and slogging those extra hours will be beneficial. On the contrary, this has a counter effect as it can disrupt your sleep cycles, leading to fatigue, and adversely affect your memory and your ability to concentrate. 

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