Food Delivery App

Top 10 Features Every Food Delivery App Like Swiggy Should Have

Food Delivery App

Today, the solutions for solving any specific problem are available to people on their devices. From booking home services to settling payments, apps for every particular purpose have been launched in an application store. Despite all other segments, the demand for meal delivery sector burgeoned among users tremendously.

Thus, organizations from all over brought their food delivery platforms and have achieved a rise in the market within a very short duration. There are many entrepreneurs excited to get their meal-ordering solutions for their ventures but unable to find a perfect match. So, they should explore the numerous app ideas of various companies globally and choose an appropriate one.  

The brands like Swiggy, Foodpanda, Doordash, Uber Eats, Talabat, etc. All of them became popular among people, but Swiggy is not far behind the race in terms of achieving fame, as it received 1 million orders weekly, according to statistics of 2021. It indicates the requirements of an application among users.

If you are enticed by witnessing the growth of Swiggy and want to get its similar platform created from IT firms, then here are some attributes that may help your business earn popularity among people, grow exponentially, and gain other advantages mentioned in this post.

10 Attributes To Consider For Swiggy Similar Application

Users always prefer to utilize solutions that possess distinguishing yet helpful specifications. Hence, you should equip your Swiggy like platform with customer-centric features, which would assist your venture progress considerably. Refer to some of them stated below:

Order History

If users are willing to order particular items again by checking the previously ordered items from a solution, then they can by accessing this feature. It allows them to analyze past orders with all information associated with them. It includes prices, order dates, payment data of accomplished, confirmed, rejected, and terminated orders, etc. Thus, it will give your customers a seamless experience for ordering iteratively using a Swiggy similar platform.

Select Delivery Address

For receiving the dishes ordered from Swiggy like solution, the user needs to enter an address or select the specific locations to get food provided at their doorsteps. An application also shows suggestions of nearby eateries from where customers can order meals. In short, utilizing this feature will permit users to choose multiple addresses by logging into a single account.

Numerous Payment Methods

Nowadays, almost every contender of the meal delivery vertical offers various ways for their consumers to complete the payment process of food items ordered by selecting the preferred payment method. Thus, to survive the competition, it’s mandatory for you to embed different payment methods in Swiggy similar solution, which will give users the utmost convenience for settling their payments for dishes ordered through an app.

Live Trace Providers

The users can get a precise idea of where exactly their meals have reached after an order is dispatched for delivery. They can track the delivery provider that is out to offer food at their chosen location through the navigation integrated into an application like Swiggy. Alongside this, they receive an estimated time till they receive an order at their doorsteps. Implementing this attribute will help your enterprise in holding the customers for a longer duration.

Search Filter

Sometimes it may happen that users face trouble in finding a particular dish through a solution by its name. Hence, by utilizing this feature, they will be assisted in searching for a specific food item with the help of its price, shop from where it’s sold, and based on many of its characteristics. In short, your customers would be easily able to order their desired meals using this specification of your application.

Digital Menu

Racking up this attribute will assist users in accessing the menus of any eatery across the town. Moreover, embedding this property is helpful for both customers and restaurants, as users would be able to see the menus of various food businesses registered in your app, and eateries would be able to receive more orders online, increase their sales, and get numerous perks by uploading their menus online on your solution like Swiggy.

Referral Code

Implementing this feature will help you attract more consumers to utilize a platform like Swiggy to fulfill their needs efficiently. Each user will receive a referral code after signing into an application, and sharing it among their groups will assist the users in earning referral discounts on any order. Hence, in this way, it attracts many customers to use your solution.

Live Shop Status

Consumers willing to order particular food items from a specific eatery will get an idea of its availability throughout the weekend. The users will stay updated with the availability status of restaurants, as they can set their status to available, which would help them receive orders and avoid skipping them to prevent a negative impact from being laid on the customers.

Multiple Cards

This feature allows consumers to add and save various kinds of cards in an application. Once the information about their cards is stored, then they can perform transactions through any of them, as Swiggy like solution would ask them every time to select the specific card for performing a transaction. 

Multi-Lingual Support

Embedding this specification will help you earn more fame among users worldwide; it is because users from any part of the country or region across the globe can use the solution by selecting the language they speak. It would wipe off the issue of a language barrier for audiences overseas, and they would be easily able to navigate through the platform.

As a startup owner, you can embed any of the attributes mentioned above while creating a Swiggy like app through a technology partner; implementing any of them will show your enterprise wonders by many different aspects mentioned in the next section.

Why Should Startup Owners Utilize App like Swiggy?

It is evident that you, as business admin, would only run a venture through a solution like Swiggy if it seems propitious. If you are keen to know the several advantages, then they are described below:

Increased Reachability

A report from 2023 says that there were 2.1 million people in 2022 who utilized food delivery apps. This figure is expected to become bigger to 2.6 million users by 2027. It indicates the massive future demands for such solutions, and establishing an online meal-ordering venture would attract a significant audience.

Streamlined Manageability

Operating a food-ordering business through a platform similar to Swiggy would automate many burdensome operations. It includes tracking employees’ activities, analyzing sales, generating salary reports of workers, and streamlining numerous tasks, simplifies venture management.

Improved Customer Service

When enterprise management is eased down to a significant extent, then it’s obvious that you can concentrate on enhancing consumer serviceability. Thus, it will result in providing better services to customers.

Bottom Line:

You must have concluded to create a platform similar to Swiggy after knowing the immense requirements for Swiggy in a hyper-local meal delivery market. So, by reading the features and certain benefits that your business might gain after implementing them mentioned. However, getting a solution similar to Swiggy is advisable for your food trade, as lots of people prefer to utilize such apps.

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