Easy Methods To Make You Tyres Last Longer

Make You Tyres Last Longer

Startup your engines as today, you are to learn some hacks to make your car’s tires last as long as possible!

Look Into The Shock Absorbers And Struts

Now the first thing to check, as crazy as it might seem, is your shock absorbers or struts on your car. Go to each corner of the car, and push it up and down. If the car doesn’t bounce much, then your tyres are good. It also means that you are most likely using race tyres which makes them stiffer than most cars. Check for the bounce, both the front side and the back of the car. But, even usually a vehicle on the matrix with stock struts, will not make the car bounce much.

You can also pull off the wheels, and if you see the rod is all coated with oil dripping down, you’ll know the seals are gone and you need new shocks and struts. Now, this is important for your tire life for 2 reasons:

  1. Your tires actually absorb a lot of the shock of the car. When you hit bumps, the rubber goes in the air and it absorbs a lot of the shocks. So, if your shocks absorbers aren’t working right then your tires are going to have to absorb more of the shock and it’s going to wear them out faster.
  1. The other reason is that the shock absorbers hold the tires in the correct position while you drive down the road. If your shock absorbers are all worn out, your tires are going to bounce around too much. And guess what, when they bounce around and they’re not sitting right, then they’ll wear on one edge or the other. So, you want to make sure you got good shocks and struts firstly.

So make sure when you are looking for the best car tyres in Qatar, you check into the above things.

Check the Suspension

Now, the next thing to do is to check the suspension itself. Jack the car up, get it up enough so the wheel comes off the ground. Then once it’s off the ground, grab it at 3 and 9 o’clock and pull on the tire. it shouldn’t have any play. If it has played and goes back and forth a lot, often that’s a worn tie rod. You’d have to fix that because if the tie rod is worn out, the tire is going to wiggle back and forth too much and it’s going to wear out early.

Then check it and 6 and 12 o’clock to see if it’s got any play there. If it’s got play there, then the odds are, your ball joints are worn. And any front-end part that’s worn, makes the car sit wrong and then when you hit bumps or corner, the tire wobbles. So, it’s going to make your tyre wear out faster. And of course, you want to do the checking on all 4 wheels. If you find that it has played the whole way around, at any angle that means your wheel bearings are worn. When that’s worn, your tire wobbles and it will wear out faster.

Check Your Tyre Pressure Frequently

Now, the next thing to do, to make your tires last as long as possible is to check the tire pressure. Now tire pressure, of course, is very important for the long life of your tire. You want to have correct pressure at all times. Well, they’re always rated. But if you look at your door there’s a suggestion. The best pressure is kind of in-between the given rating. If it says 30-35, then 32-33 is perfectly fine.

You don’t want to go by the maximum tire pressure allowed on the tire. Because the more pressure you put in the tire, the middle will stick out slightly and the middle will wear out. Also, if you have low pressure then the edges will stick out more and the middle will sit in and it will wear on the edges. So, make sure you check your tire pressure

every so often. These tyre pressure gauges only cost a few bucks. Also, you can get a decent air compressor to put in your trunk that plugs into the cigarette lighter for a reasonable price.