4 Staggering Sites to Visit in Qatar

 Visit in Qatar

From experiencing the lavish lifestyle on the artificial island to witnessing the picturesque view of the Doha Skyline — the list of places to visit in Qatar is endless. There is a lot to see for history lovers as well. The historic museums such as the Museum of Islamic Art and the National Museum of Qatar have a lot to offer.

Doha Skyline

Doha’s skyline is simply an example of absolute perfection and beauty. The bold and unbelievable architecture of the buildings is an illustration of artistry and flawless engineering in just one sight. 

The most elite way to admire everything is from the water. The time of the sunset is ideally the best time to be there when the buildings and seafront are lit and the beautiful sky above the Arabian Gulf’s cerulean water turns a contrasting tinge of orange.

Fishing boats at Dhow Qatar are easily available alongside the seashore for hourly hire. Dhow also offers five-hour cruises including dinner with traditional music and includes an extra stop at a nearby island for activities like fishing, Jet Skiing, and swimming. 

Museum of Islamic Art

The Museum of Islamic Art is located on one end of the Corniche. The museum occupies a space of 480,000 square feet in Doha. Museum also has a library that has a total of nine study rooms that gives knowledge about Islamic Arts in two languages Arabic and English.

The Interior of the Gallery’s art Space was drafted by a group of Wilmotte Associates. The Construction of the building was completed in 2006 by Baytur Construction which is a Turkish Company. The Museum of Islamic Arts was officially opened by the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad on the 22nd of November and was opened to the general public on 8 December, 2008.

Built near the traditional Dhow Qatari Harbor on an artificial island, it is also home to quite a few restaurants. The restaurant IDAM is hosted by The Museum. French Mediterranean cuisine is the inspiration of the restaurant. The restaurant also provides master classes in cooking raw foods and artisanal bread. The 

Souq Waqif

Shopping is considered a well-liked hobby in Doha, where you can find an upscale designer store or a luxuriant mall nearby effortlessly. On the other hand, if you’re here looking for some authentic and nostalgic feel and if you really want to have a memorable night out, Souq Waqif is the place you want to be.

This maze bazaar, the meaning of the name translates to the “standing market,” is the oldest Souq and tourist destination in Qatar’s capital, Doha. Its surrounded passageways are filled with numerous compact stores displaying their products in their own way piled high alongside the mud-coated stone walls of the market.

When you go to this place and you walk down the narrow passages, you’ll find everything you can think of from diamonds to spices, to garments, to perfumes, falcons, and a whole lot of different things.

Souq Waqif is not just an extraordinary market place but it is also home to many traditional styled restaurants and casual cafes which offer a wide range of regional and local food.

The market is also known for its charming antique stores and shisha lounges, as well as extraordinary boutique hotels and art galleries.

A place for locals and foreigners to melt, this is undoubtedly the place to explore, browse, shop and barter, relax, and hang out.

The Pearl

An artificial land taking 32 kilometers off the West Bay seafront coast of Doha — The Pearl sprawls lavishly on a massive area of 4,000,000 square meters.

Available with freehold properties, The Pearl is the first man-made land in Qatar which can comfortably accommodate more than 50,000 occupants. 

Pro Tip: The temperature in Doha is quite hot. If you are not used to it, it can turn into a daunting experience. We would recommend you to opt for rent a car Doha to avoid any inconvenience or hassle.