LinkedIn is the largest social network for job-related posts. It will give you what you deserve. You will get to know more about Linkedin and boosting the profile. How can you boost your profile to increase your visibility.

About Author:- Miss Nidhi Sharma is well-known for Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategies. She is a professional Digital Marketer at Digital Technology Institute. She is sharing  Top 10 ways to get more visibility and how to use Linkedin more meritoriously during your job search.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a Social media platform for business and employment-oriented services.

How LinkedIn is helpful for us?

It helps you to build and engage your professional network.  You can also connect with friends or keep in touch with people you know, share your ideas and build your career. You can promote yourself as a professional on LinkedIn.

Why Is It Important To Boost Your LinkedIn Profile?

  LinkedIn is the most private network. You can share your skills, your work experience, qualifications and much more. If you are hunting for a job, LinkedIn is the best social media platform. You never know when job opportunity might pop up on your LinkedIn profile.

I have listed some ways to boost your LinkedIn profile. So, the next time when you feel your visibility is low on LinkedIn, pick these ways to boost it.  

10 Ways To Boost LinkedIn Profile

  1. Customize your LinkedIn Profile

When you join LinkedIn, it will give you a very long address URL. You need to shorten the URL, to promote your business on other platforms, business cards or websites. It is more discoverable and easy to remember that before and sounds more professional. I recommend you to combine your first and last name in your URL.


Go to your profile> Click on edit public profile and URL at the top right corner > edit URL > done!

Go to your profile> Click on edit public profile and URL at the top right corner > edit URL>

  2. Set a Nice Profile Picture

Your first impression is from your profile picture, make it good. Don’t choose a cropped picture, party picture or a picture with your friends and family. Choose a decent and recent picture of yours and get professional. Your face should be seen clearly in the picture. Avoid using blur pictures.

  3. Choose your headline wisely

Your headline tells about you, what you are and what you do. Be creative and unique with the words. A good headline can work well.

  4. Add a Background Photo

After your profile picture, what people often see is your background picture at the top of your profile page. Don’t leave it empty! Grab other’s attention by choosing the right background image and it can also be memorable.

  5. Grow your Network

Include your personal email address and sync it with your LinkedIn profile. It is the easiest way to grow your network. It will suggest you to people you can connect with. Make the most out of it by growing your connections and stay updated!

  6. Post readable and interesting stuff

Try to post readable and interesting content. Don’t stuff your post/article with words. Write in short paragraphs with digestive words, People will show interest in your content if it is short, readable. Make it interesting!

  7. Don’t add irrelevant information

Here irrelevant information means your other social media links which you have stopped using or never use.Only add information which is relevant to your profile.  

  8. Mention relevant skills

Scroll through the list of skills, identify and add them. By doing this you provide a platform for others to endorse you for the skills. Don’t make it too big and be relevant.

  9. Ask for Recommendations

Don’t forget to ask for recommendations, no one shows interest if, you don’t have reviews on your LinkedIn profile. We always check the reviews before going to a restaurant and everyone does the same thing. So, always ask for a recommendation from your colleagues and supervisors.

  10. Don’t leave your summary Blank
It would be much better if you write your summary in bullet points or convert your summary into a story. Write 3-4 short paragraphs but don’t leave it blank.


In this article, I have compiled everything about boosting the LinkedIn profile. If you are a job seeker you need to know these points. Start applying these points and shine on LinkedIn and get noticed Today. If you think there is something that should be added, please let us know in the comment section.