Sedation for Oral Surgery: What are the options?

When oral surgery is required, the comfort and end result are the two things that you worry about. So, whenever you need a dental treatment which includes surgery, there is no need to go out of Dubai. You can receive high quality treatment in a reputed private hospital in Dubai. The reason behind is that there are skilled and talented dentists and oral surgeons who are highly qualified and have years of experience in various fields of dentistry such as adult and child dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, dental extractions, dental laser and much more. Apart from that, private hospitals in Dubai can also be trusted for having advanced medical equipment and state-of-the-art facilities.


When it comes to the comfort of a patient, sedation is needed to produce a calm state or sleep during surgery. Since there are several options for sedation process, every patient chooses the option with which he/she is more convenient. Sedation levels also need to be adjusted based on the patients’ needs and health conditions. Thus, private hospitals in Dubai are also equipped with adroit anesthesiologists and oral surgeons who are trained and specialized to administer sedatives in order to provide utmost comfort to the patient undergoing dental surgery. If you are also one of those dental patients who need oral surgery as the only dental treatment option, you might be wondering how you will be sedated.

While some patients require minimal sedation during the surgery, others may wish to be entirely unconscious. Sedation process also depends on the type of surgery to be performed and, sometimes, also on dental anxiety. But, whatever be the case, there is a sedation option that is appropriate for every patient’s needs.

Oral Sedation:

Under this option, sedation is administered orally through a pill. The level of the sedation can be mild to moderate depending upon the dosage administered. The full effects of oral sedatives generally take up to an hour to be felt. The patients who are given low dose often feel relaxed and more likely to be drowsy but tend to stay awake. However, a higher dosage of oral sedatives can produce moderate effects resulting in some patients to be falling asleep but they can be easily awakened.

Inhaled Sedation:

This option involves the process of inhalation of oxygen and nitrous oxide, which is generally known as laughing gas. During inhaled sedation, the gas sedative is inhaled through nose with the aid of a mask. By adjusting nitrous oxide amount that is administered through the mask, the sedation levels can be altered.

IV Sedation:

Since sedative is directly administered into the bloodstream in Intravenous i.e. IV sedation, it is the fastest sedation option. The sedation levels can be adjusted according to patients’ needs. This method generally allows the patient to sleep during surgery.

General Anesthesia:

It is a type of sedation that renders the patient completely unconsciousness in order to prevent pain or discomfort during dental surgery. General anesthesia is the highest level of sedation which puts the patient into a deep sleep until the sedative effect wears off or medication is used to reverse the sedative effects.

Which is the Right Sedation Method for You?

For dental treatment that includes surgery, the best way to choose the right sedation method is to discuss with your oral surgeon about your fears and concerns. Depending upon the surgery type and considering your issues, the oral surgeon can suggest a sedation method that will work best for you. However, general anesthesia and IV sedation options are not recommended for patients with certain health issues e.g. heart conditions, controlled diabetes, etc. as they can interfere with certain medications. Therefore, before going through any sedation option, it is critical for you to discuss your medical history with the oral surgeon in order to avoid further complications.
So, you can figure out that there are varied choices for sedation and any dental treatment or surgery does not have to be uncomfortable or painful. To find out which sedation is right for you or discuss any dental concern, contact a private hospital dentist right away and you will get the most suitable advice within no time and receive optimum quality dental treatment in Dubai.