5 Warning Signs You’ve Got a Bad Agent

When buying or selling your home, it is common to hire a real estate agent. You do it to have an expert by your side that would take care of your interests. You have certain expectations from such professionals. However, there are situations when you should switch to another agent.

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This article presents “5 warning signs of having a bad agent”. When you see these signs, look for one of the top rated real estate agents and lose the one you have currently.

These warning signs are:

1. The agent doesn’t tell you anything

You are trying to communicate with your own agent and it has become a difficult task. He or she is not answering your questions clearly. They ignore your calls and avoid having long conversations. These signs can possibly mean that your agent is incapable of finding you a deal you are looking for. But, during this whole time, you are missing various opportunities available in the market. So, this is when you should think about finding a better agent for the job.

2. The agent negotiates things more with you than with the other party

These are the agents who lack confidence in their ability to negotiate the best deal for their clients. They fail to win conversations with the other party, which is why their survival goal involves convincing the client to take the available deal. Of course, you should critically think whether your agent is right about the deal or not. But if he or she is not capable of negotiating on your behalf, you can’t expect them to stand by you. This is true whether you are selling or buying a home. You can only acquire the best deal with a realtor who has great negotiation skills. And, he or she should use those skills on the other party instead of using it on you.

3. The agent has no leadership quality

A realtor is like your guide who shows the path to the best possible deal. Hence, the leadership quality is a must-have. But some realtors don’t provide any guidance or honest suggestions. This happens due to their lack of experience or the lack of market research. If your agent is not able to lead you in the process, you will be better off without him or her.

4. The agent is borderline rude

Confidence is good in a realtor, but that confidence shouldn’t become an overwhelming factor that you have to deal with. Some agents get rude when clients ask questions. That is a red sign of having a bad realtor.

5. The agent is delaying the job

Months go by and nothing positive happens related to your property goals. You are constantly in touch with your realtor, but the agent is showing no interest in speeding up the efforts.

If you find any of the mentioned signs, it would be wise to contact more capable miami real estate agencies and hire a better agent to handle your case.

Hopefully, this article has helped you evaluate the effectiveness of your existing agent!