Which Is Cheaper To Maintain BMW or Mercedes?

Maintenance of a vehicle is one of the top deciding factors when someone buys a car.

There are seldom any car owners who do not know about BMW or Mercedes. Even those who do not have cars have an idea about what they are. Nevertheless, the one looking to buy one of them runs into many questions. Pitting BMW against Mercedes is one of those questions. The ones that do not have an answer.We’ll never know.

But those who are subjective might claim Ali would own Tyson or vice versa. Same is the case with those who prefer BMW or Mercedes. Many would say one is better than the other. While some would say they both have their perks and they stand out as two major car brands around the world. With no clear winner, an average consumer decides to ask this question, which one is better to maintain?

If you are one of the people looking to buy quality used cars in the United Kingdom, then you might want to buy something easier to maintain. More importantly, something that does empty your wallet every time you visit a repair shop. Therefore, let us dive in further and understand which one is easier and cheaper to maintain out of the two.

Difference between the Models

BMW & Mercedes present a variety of different models each year. Luxury, average, SUVs, station wagons et cetera. There are many types. How do we distinguish the better one and just disregard the other one entirely? The better thing to do here is to look at specific models. By doing so, we can get a better idea of cars which are of low maintenance. Lets dive into doing that.


BMW presents their 3 and 5 series lines as their top models. They put all their thoughts and energy into these top tier models. While BMW 3 is your luxury sedan, BMW 5 is your top executive sedan. The difference between the two is that BMW 3 owner may have to park on their own, whereas BMW 5 owners leave it up to the parking valet.


Mercedes has two top of the line models as well. Just like BMW 3 and 5, Mercedes has class C and E. Mercedes C is one of the most selling units around the globe for them. Whereas Mercedes E, like BMW 5, is targeted for executives.

Types of Maintenance

Now we have established the two main types and four cars we are benchmarking against each other, let us dive into the

·Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance includes elements such as pouring out dirty oil and changing it with the new. As well as replacing the oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, cabin and AC filter. Some cases may require changes of spark plugs, brake fluids, clutch fluids and brake discs or drums. This is your regular, everyday type of maintenance that experts recommend doing every 5-10 thousand miles.

· Major Upkeeps

Now, this is where it gets tricky. Because major upgrades or maintenance means changing of the tires, replacing windshields, wipers, power steering, windows etc. If you go further up, you will find engine upgrades and maintenance. They can cost a lot more, but we will come to that later.

Costs in the UK and USA

Now that we have identified the types of cars and maintenance, it is time we dive into the real discussion. Which one is it then? Let us dive into the costs in two major regions, the UK and the USA.

· UK

On average, a BMW owner can expect to pay their mechanics from 120-300 Pounds Sterling in the UK. With some maintenance adding up to 400 pounds each 10 thousand miles. However, the cost of major upgrades, as mentioned above, could go up to 750 to 2000 pounds. Mercedes owners can expect to pay about the same for regular maintenance. However, major upgrades might cost a bit less compared to BMW.


The same sort of maintenance for BMWs in the US can be between 150-400$. Whereas for Mercedes, it can be around 150-250. While major changes may cost up to a thousand dollars. Considering how both of these manufacturers have certified shops around the country, it should not prove difficult to find them.