What to Do if Your Foundation is Uneven

Foundation is Uneven

It is vital for one to note when his or her foundation is uneven to reduce the cost of repairing it. It is essential to have an even foundation because a house is one of the most important investment one could ever have. One of the most straightforward signs of an uneven foundation is a ball being able to roll on the floor of your house.

Causes of an uneven foundation

• Soil- Soil can be a significant cause of an uneven foundation as some grounds are incapable of bearing the weight of your house or structure. The ground may also not be compact; hence it may become compressed thus causing the foundation to be uneven.

• Changes in the moisture of the soil- Too much moisture in the soil causes changes in pressure in the foundation of the house hence it becomes uneven while too little moisture causes shrinkage of the earth and consequently causes lack of support for the foundation.

• Climate – Climate can affect your soil in terms of climatic conditions that cause flooding or in places where there is snow. These conditions cause the foundation to become uneven if proper preventive measures are not put in place.

• Inadequate foundation drainage – Foundation drainage is used to remove moisture beneath the house, and if all moisture is not removed it causes rotting of wooden beams underneath the houses, and as we have seen in the second point, too much humidity causes uneven foundation.

To avoid excessive costs in repairing your foundation, it is essential for you to learn signs of an uneven foundation so you can rebuild your foundation when it is not too late. The following are some of the indicators of uneven foundations:

 Cracks on your floor or wall – It is one of the most common effects of uneven foundations and when you notice cracks on your floor/wall you should hire a contractor to check your foundation. Cracks are a warning that should never be ignored.

 A floor that is sinking – After some time your level starts looking uneven that is one part is lower than the other, and this clearly shows that your foundation is uneven.

 Doors – Doors are sticking on the floor and failing to open or close means that the floor is not in its original place hence meaning that the foundation has become uneven.

 Damp crawl space- Moisture in a crawl space is also another sign that your foundation is not level. Moisture causes wooden beams beneath your house to rot; hence the foundation becomes uneven.

 Gaps around window frames – This indicates that your foundation has a problem; hence it is essential for you to be on the lookout for this sign.

Fixing uneven foundation

In case you notice this kind of signs it is a warrant that you should get your house checked. It is essential that you contact a qualified foundation repair contractor that should monitor the situation of your foundation.

When the contractor discovers that your foundation is uneven, he/she should provide you with the estimate of leveling your foundation depending on the damage on the foundation. It is essential for one to ensure that the company you are hiring has a foundation repair warranty.

The process of making the foundation even is called “foundation leveling.” It is done by lifting your house or commercial property and installing structural supports called “foundation Piers” or “foundation pilings” beneath it, and the foundation rests on the piers. The piers used can be concrete piers or steel piers.

The main difference between the two piers is the cost. The steel foundation piers are more expensive than concrete piers. There is no point in buying steel piers as they go deep up to 35′ into the earth and hence in most houses and commercial buildings they reach solid rock and besides those pilings made of steel cost more than $500.Concrete piers are better as they are cheaper and only require to be drilled up to 12-20″ hence need less labor.

Major foundation repairs involving hydraulic piers cost up to $10000 or more, and minor foundations repairs can cost as low as $500.Most house owners pay an average of $5840.

Foundation is Uneven

Factors That Determine the Cost of Foundation Repair

• Foundation problems – It is crucial to detect foundation problems early as when the foundation is not prepared early it gets harder to repair hence more expensive. The price is determined depending on the extent of the damage to your house foundation. One of the cheapest foundation repair services is AbryBros Foundation Repair.

• Structural reports – It is essential to get a piece of structural news from a structural engineer as he will give you a bit of unbiased news since he/she will not gain with a more considerable extent of the foundation damage. When you take the report to the contractors, they will be able to give an estimate of the money required to fix your house foundation.

• The method used –They two methods that can be used for foundation leveling that is slab jacking and using piers. Use of docks is more expensive than slab jacking, and this is because it involves excavation and installing hydraulic piers. Slab jacking is a process in which grout mixture is pumped into space under the concrete foundation causing the foundation to float back to its original position. It is cheaper and relatively effective but could be rendered ineffective in case of any structural shift to your home or soil.

• Type of material used – Foundation leveling can be done using different materials which are of different costs. Piers are the most expensive although a more permanent solution.

Bottom Line

It is imperative for people to realize that houses require to be maintained as they are an essential investment. One should fix his/her foundation as a precautionary measure and not repairing it when the foundation is already damaged. Looking out for any sign of an uneven foundation is very important and henceforth take immediate action to avoid a lot of money required for the repair of a house foundation that is severely damaged.