Benefits of On-Demand Mobile Application Development

On-demand economy and on-demand applications are 2 popular words in the corporate sector. In the current time period when the mobile turns into a major driving force, the on-demand business model gains ground swiftly. Be it a food delivery, human services, healthcare, courier, retail, or field service related area, the on-demand dispatch system is prevalent around the world. It has brought an enormous disruption individuals’ online order booking approach with the help of on-demand mobile applications.

On-demand mobile app development can open the doors to numerous business opportunities. According to information, in the US alone, the on-demand economy has crossed 55 billion USD in the year 2017. Aspiring entrepreneurs see a gigantic potential in such a flourishing economy. Let’s take an example of Uber, which has acquired the revolutionary changes in the transportation part, and Airbnb that has set milestones in the domain of rental property. Here we give a helpful and comprehensive guide for on-demand mobile application development.

Let’s start from basics:

What are customized on-demand application solutions?

If you need to offer a product or service as and when your clients require it, at that point on-demand application solutions can fill your need with ease. The on-demand mobile applications get the requests and act about as a platform between the providers and clients. It enormously reduces the time and efforts from both the ends.

Before the appearance of on-demand applications, people needed to discover the suppliers or service providers get in touch with them and look at their quotes. Presently, the on-demand ordering and delivery applications have acquired drastic changes this traditional methodology. The restaurant business can take advantage of such applications. But, it doesn’t mean that different sectors are fallen behind. Here are different types of on-demand applications that cover all the major business areas:

Types of On-demand mobile apps


There are on-demand applications dedicated to freelance experts. People can discover and hire developers, software engineers, marketers, and teachers with ease by using such applications.


If you are an owner of a restaurant, the on-demand food delivery application can help you to deliver most loved food to your customers at their doorstep. If you are an aggregator, you can get the order from the application users, send them to your restaurant partners and deliver the food items. Swiggy is a case of an aggregator application. These applications can help you to give the food according to your customers’ orders.


One of the greatest beneficiaries of the on-demand application development domain is a healthcare sector. The users can get a specialist on-demand. The application also empowers the users to book medical tests from home and gets the pharmaceuticals too. The thriving healthcare domain can get a lift from on-demand healthcare application.


When it comes to convenient personal transportation, how can we forget the taxi-hailing applications? These apps have made transportation simple and snappy. People can quickly discover and book taxis from their nearby areas to achieve the right spot. Courier and logistics organizations can also think of an on-demand booking application that can demonstrate the continuous status of the products.

Properties renting:-

If someone wants to put their property or even one room on a lease, there are on-demand rental booking applications. The application users can discover the accommodation in a city, and book the property for a short to medium term online with these applications.


Dishwashing, housekeeping, and so forth benefits fall under the category of on-demand services. Housekeeping applications can assist individuals in finding people who can do odd jobs.

Easy to use:-

Basically, on-demand applications have two sections one is for the clients and the other is for specialist co-ops. Now the application should be convenient for both the clients and services providers. From registration to booking to a conveyance, each procedure should be introduced in the easy to understand form.

Consistent performance:-

Appealing interface and easy activity should be joined by a consistent performance. A couple of sorts of on-demand mobile applications also offer the office to pay for the services or products. In such a circumstance, the application should be safe as well.


Your application should be flexible for both the parties. It is smarter to give more options to the application clients to make your application’s success certain.


Did you know that you’re on-demand application should be empowered to handle with hundreds of bookings in a second? It requires to be designed in a way that it could deal with a lot measure of traffic.

Main Features of On Demand Applications:

You may wonder which highlights should be included in the on-demand mobile application for your business. Well, a mobile application development company with a huge experience in creating or developing applications across different industry segments can give you perfectly. But, here we make a list of basic features for any on-demand app:

Notification: It is always great to inform your clients about the new services or limited time offers. Messages, notifications can go about as an update and a marketing tool.

You can also send them the real-time status of their requests and inform them about any changes in the status.

GPS Tracking: GPS integration can be exceptionally helpful to track the order.  It is a standout amongst the most important features of any on-demand application since it can inform the users about the progress of their orders.

Activity List: It can demonstrate the users their orders, search results, and other necessary data for a quick reference. It empowers the application users to dispose of recollecting everything.

Wishlist: At times, the app users may not want to buy products due to several reasons, or a few products are out-of-stock for a particular time. This is particularly useful for ecommerce on-demand application.

Payment Facility: Mobile payment facility is a norm in the age of m-commerce. You’re on-demand app will be more acceptable if it has enough payment options with safe transaction facility.

Ratings and Reviews: Customer testimonials and reviews can play a vital role in ensuring on-demand mobile application’s success. They will also enable you to enhance or improve quality and user experience.

Booking Cancellation: It is also conceivable that users need to drop their order in some conditions. The application users can cancel or reschedule their bookings according to comfort with the help of this feature.

Multiple Order Booking: It is always better to facilitate your customers to book multiple items at once. Also, your app needs to store their basic information so that the users can promptly go to the checkout process in every subsequent order.

The cost of any on-demand mobile app largely depends on the duration and feature integration. When it comes to the development cost, the hourly rate can make a huge difference. For example, the US and Canadian developers charge over $160 an hour, whereas, their Indian counterparts take just over $25 an hour. Considering various development-related factors and hourly rates, the cost of an on-demand app is in a range of $10000 to $45000. Also, it is better to keep the provision for regular update and maintenance cost to make your app ready to handle the changing customer requirements and growing competition.

It is fair to mention that an on-demand app with desired features and excellent functionality is a one-time investment and can earn you millions of dollars over the years.


On-demand applications can certainly help you boost your business while offering you a competitive edge over peers. You can hire mobile app developers to get the most efficient solutions in a cost-effective way. Just make a list of the features you want to offer to your customers and contact a reliable on-demand app development company.