Brain tumor is the growth present in the abnormal cells in the brain. Different types of brain tumor are present

Beginning – noncancerous

Malignant – Some brain tumor is cancerous

Primary brain tumors- tumor begin in your brain

Secondary brain tumor- when the cancer present in other part and spread to your brain.

The tumor inside the brain will grow fast. By seeing the growth and location doctor will tell which type of brain tumor we have

What is the Brain tumor treatment cost in India?

Brain is the main part in human body. All the functions of the human body is controlled by the brain. Based on the size and location we can find out which type of tumor we are having. The brain tumor surgery cost in India will range USD 5000 to USD 7000. Better and good facilities hospital is present in India.

What are the types of brain tumor

Based on the size and location we can say which type of tumor we have

· Acoustic neuroma

· Astrocytoma

· Brain metastases

· Choroid plexus carcinoma

· Craniopharyngioma

· Embryonal tumors

· Ependymoma

· Glioblastoma

· Glioma

· Medulloblastoma

· Meningioma

· Oligodendroglioma

· Pediatric brain tumor

· Pinealocytoma

· Pituitary tumor

The symptoms shown in the brain tumor

Depends on the size location and rate of the growth the sign and symptoms shown by the tumor vary. The symptoms are

· Onset headaches

· Headaches that increase and decrease

· Vomiting

· Vision problem

· Movement in hand or leg

· Balance difficulty

· Speech difficulty

· Everyday routine confusion

· Hearing problem

How the treatment is done for brain surgery

Based on the size shape and location the treatment can be done, the different types of treatments given are


If the tumor is present in the place where the doctor can reach then surgery treatment is done.Sometimes or in some cases tumor are small and easy to be separated from the surrounding brain tissue and in other case if the tumor is present in some sensitive area then the doctor will try to remove as much as tumor as possible for safe.Removing the part of tumor is well and good because it will help to reduce sign and symptoms.

Radiation therapy

In this the cancer cells will be killed by using X ray or ant other high energy beams.Two types of radiation are present they are

· External brain radiation- radiation will be given from outside to the body

· Brachy therapy- This is the rare case in which the radiation will be given inside the body and close to the brain


This method is not a surgery and, in this method, multiple beams with high radiation will be given to the brain o kill the cancer cells. After radiosurgery the patient can go home and take rest.


In this methods drug are used to kill the tumor. The drugs can be taken as pills or can be given as an injection to the vein. Based on the type of tumor different types of drugs will be given.

The other treatment that helps are

· Acupuncture

· Art therapy

· Exercise

· Meditation

· Music therapy

· Relaxation exercise

The brain tumor may be cured in complete surgery by removing the whole tumor and if the tumor grows and spread then it is difficult to be cured.

Stages in tumor are

Grade 1

Non-cancerous and it will be slow growing tumor. The cell present will be almost same to healthy cell

Grade 2

The cell is slow growing but it will look somewhat up normal when seen through a micro scope. The tumor will be spreading to tissues present beside it.

Grade 3

It is fast growing than grade 1 and will spread to other part

Grade 4

Fast growing cell. Spread to other part of the brain fast.