What are Early Signs of Balding and How to Stop Them


Balding is not a disease or affliction. It is a very common occurrence for most men of a certain age. Yet the vanity of men does not allow them to accept impending baldness lying down. The situation becomes even more serious if the hair loss begins at a younger age than normal. In such a scenario, the person becomes even more desperate and worried. They then start looking for any possible solution to stop the hair loss and encourage fresh hair growth on their head. This includes a frantic search for what they think would be the best natural shampoo for men.

The Key to the Right Treatment

Like any illness, impending hair loss can be treated much better if it is diagnosed on time. Once the process of hair loss has begun, then it is very difficult for even the best natural shampoo for men’s hairto correct the problem. The right treatment is very important, no doubt. But the correct and timely diagnosis is also important, and for that it is very useful to catch the early signs of balding and also know how that situation can be corrected.

Early Signs of Hair Loss

Even without going to a medical practitioner for validation, there are some easy ways to diagnose if hair fall is imminent for you. If you know these signs, then you can easily make arrangements to correct those symptoms. Let us take a quick look at some of these tell-tale signs.

Lower hair density on some part of head – For most people, impending baldness first begins to manifest itself with a gradual thinning of hair on some parts of the head. Some people notice a reduced volume of hair on the sides and back too, but the most common location is the top or crown of the head.

Bald patches – Unlike the first category, where a larger area sees thinner hair, some people also experience a small (coin sized, approximately) patch of scalp where there is no hair, sometimes diagnosed as Alopecia Areata. Only in later months would this patch slowly grow larger. In some men, this phenomenon is also observed in their beard or even on the eyebrows. This condition can be treated successfully by your dermatologist.

Loose tufts – Another worrying phenomenon is seen while combing or brushing the hair, especially after using a natural shampoo for hair growth. The hair feels loose to the touch, and small bunches or tufts come out loose while the hair is being combed. It has generally been observed that this usually occurs after the person has undergone a physical or emotional shock and using a vitamin rich shampoo can improve this condition by stimulating the follicle.

Other Reasons – Sometimes the loss of hair is not due to the hair fall problems by themselves, but because of some other treatment on the body or the scalp. A common example is when patients of cancer have to undergo several rounds of chemotherapy after being diagnosed. One side effect of this treatment is loss of hair in patches.

Usual Causes

Apart from knowing the usual early warning signs of impending baldness, it is important also to be aware of what could be the possible causes of this. A very common reason is the effect of heredity. You would notice that people whose father and grandfather and Uncles showed a tendency to lose hair, would also exhibit the same attributes. There are others who do not have a family history of baldness but who suffer hair loss because of certain hormonal or medical changes in their bodies. Some examples of such conditions are menopause, pregnancy, thyroid etc., and some of these reasons are gender neutral. Finally, an unhealthy lifestyle for hair (like always keeping hair tightly bound etc.) could also lead to premature loss or thinning of hair.


It is usually helpful for anyone experiencing hair loss to use a DHT inhibiting natural biotin shampoo, conditioner and even a follicle stimulator spray to help reduce DHT, and stimulate and nourish the follicle. Products containing ingredients such as vitamin B-7 found in Biotin, with Keratin, Amino Acids and other essential nutrients, are proven to be effective in removing DHT and improving fine and thinning hair and improving hair loss.