What is shoulder arthroscopy?

Many persons will be having shoulder pain. Some persons will be having shoulder pain by any accident or in any other way. To get complete cure the person can undergo shoulder arthroscopy surgery. Shoulder pain injury can be affected to any person at any age. Why we are adopting this method is because it has fast recovery and will be having only less scar. Shoulder surgery is somewhat complicated, by doing this procedure it will reduce the complication than open surgery. In normal surgery if medication and injection fail, then you can be hundred percentage sure to opt this method for treatment. After all surgery we will be having some pain so after this surgery proper medicines will be given to reduce your pain. In this method it is of less pain and easy recovery, mostly many peoples are opting for this method now a days. Shoulder arthroscopy will reduce the stiffness problem and it will make our stability to be normal. This method is more successful than open surgery. In this procedure a small camera is used to examine the tissues present inside and around the shoulder. The camera used is called as arthroscope and it is inserted by making a small cut in the skin. You will be asked to take rest for almost 6 months from our surgery.

What is Shoulder Arthroscopy Cost in India?

Shoulder arthroscopy is the more successful and pain less surgery.Mostly many people will be opting this surgery method. Shoulder arthroscopy cost in India will be about USD 3500 and it may vary based on the hospital. The today days he has to spend for treatment will be 8 days. He has to be in hospital for 1 day and has to stay outside the hospital for 7 days and after this he need to come only when the doctor says. The rate will vary based on the facility, based on the insurance and mainly location.

How the operation is been done?

Shoulder arthroscopy is a less painless and easy recoverysurgery. It repairs the tissue inside around your shoulder joint. The surgery is been done by giving normalanesthesia in which u will not feel any pain for maximum 24 hours. During the surgery the doctor will insert arthroscope inside your shoulder by making a small cut in your skin.The arthroscope will be connected to a monitor from which the doctor will be able to see inside. The doctor by seeing the monitor will inspect all the tissues present and the area around the joint. The tissues many include

· Cartilage

· Bones

· Tendons

· Ligaments

Arthroscopy surgery will help in fixing all type of damaged tissue. Inthis surgery they will be making one or three incision to insert the instrument. It will fix all the tear in muscle, tendon or cartilage. By doing this surgery it will reduce our stiffness problem and it will be making our stability to be good and normal. After the completion of the surgery the incisions made will be closed with stitches. If you want to know what was inside then you can ask your doctor and he many provide the video of the surgery. If your shoulder is having any type of large damage then open surgery is needed. In this case pen surgery means the doctor will insert a large incision to get inside the bones and tissue. After the completion of surgery we will be having some pain from next day, the doctor will give proper medicines to reduce the pain. The surgery will be done for

· Torn rotator cuff

· Labral tears

· Tendonitis

· Bursitis

· Arthritis

· Frozen Shoulder

What are the advantages of arthroscopy surgery?

· Compared to other surgery risk is low

· Uses tiny incision to treat

· Easy recovery

· Less pain than other surgery

· Less scarring

· Reduce the stiffens problem

· Repair the join

· Stability problem will be solved

· Fix all tear in muscle

· Successful than open surgery