Top Indian Restaurants in the US

Indian Restaurants in the US

The USA is home to a large number of Indian restaurants that provide delicious dishes from various Indian cuisines. In the US alone, there will be 80,000 Indian restaurants by the year 2021. And they offer authentic food that tastes and smells just like food cooked in India.

If you’re longing for home-cooked food, most of these places offer your favorite specialties, which will give you a similar taste. You might treat yourself to dinner or go out to try Indian food with your friends.

Here are the best Indian restaurants in the U.S, where you may enjoy great food with your loved ones.

Best Indian Restaurants in the U.S

1. Indian Accent

New York and New Delhi both have Indian Accent restaurants. Some of the best-tasting Indian food you’ve likely ever had is served at this upscale restaurant. They strive to experiment with new concepts while keeping the classic components of the foods they cook.

They offer both vegetarian and meat-based starters and main courses. You might choose a mid-course to eat in between your appetizers and main course if you are feeling very hungry.

Also, you may pick from a range of sides to go with your meal, and their menu also features an excellent selection of sweets.

2. Rasa 

One of the top Indian restaurants in the USA is Rasa. This has also received a one-star Michelin certification. Here, you may purchase mouthwatering South Indian food items with genuine flavors and sensations.

Prawn chutney, poriyal, spiced potato fritters, uttapam, and egg curry are a few of the must-try dishes.

3. Badmaash

Badmaash, which, taken from Hindi, means ‘mischievous’,” is the highlight of LA’s Indian culinary scene. Together with their father Pawan, brothers Nakul and Arjun Mahendro own the restaurant, which is committed to serving some of the greatest Indian food in the country.

Their samosas are to die for, and their tandoori chicken tikka is a bit of a legend. They also provide a range of foods that aren’t Indian, like braised beef ribs and mango-glazed pig belly. Treat yourself to their oat milk chai if you visit early in the day.

4. Rasika

If you enjoy fine dining, Rasika is a fantastic option.

There are two menus at this restaurant: one lists all of the usual items, while the other lists the weekly specials. As a result, there is a wide selection available to guests.

Each meal produced by the cooks at this restaurant seeks to use Indian spices.

Also, they advise those dining in groups to choose a few different items that they may share.

5. Indeblue Restaurant and Bar

The Indeblue Restaurant and Bar, with its headquarters in Philadelphia and a location in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, is recognized as one of the top Indian restaurants in the country.

This modern restaurant offers a tasting menu so customers can sample a few different meals. They serve brunch on Saturday and Sunday, and there is a happy hour every day from 4 to 6 p.m.

If you and a group of friends are eating from the tasting menu, you can select one starter dish, two snacks, and three entrees.

Add some bread or side items to your dinner to complete it. The dishes can be ordered for delivery or taken out.

6. Ghee Indian Kitchen

At his two Miami restaurants, Ghee Indian Kitchen, Chef Niven Patel elevates the idea of locally produced produce to a whole new level. On his beloved Rancho Patel, a 2-acre ranch, he personally grows 15% of the food he serves. Patel cultivates taro leaves, turmeric, and even Indian eggplant in addition to a few barrels of potatoes and a few handfuls of onions for lassis and chutneys.

A largely seasonal menu as a result features dishes like Rancho Patel vegetable poriyal, which is a rapid stir-fry of vegetables produced with whatever produce is available, and Rancho Patel baby eggplant, which is cooked with Yukon potatoes and heirloom tomatoes.

7. Junoon 

One of the top Indian restaurants in the US is Junoon, which is known for its exquisite food and elaborate decor. This restaurant has a Michelin star and was founded in 2010. It is also included on the list of “Best Wine and Dine Restaurants in America” compiled by the American Food Guild.

The best-selling Tandoori Chicken thighs with a pistachio crumble and grape chutney, as well as the ghost Chili Murgh Tikka and the Tandoori Octopus should not be missed.

8. Bollywood Theatre

Anybody looking for fantastic food in Portland should head to Bollywood Theater. Due to the epidemic, they are only taking online orders at this time, but you shouldn’t let that stop you from indulging in some of the best Indian food around. With any of their delicious delicacies, India will be accessible from your couch. Never, ever skimp on their renowned pav bhaji. One of the top Indian restaurants in America is without a doubt located here.

9. Chai Pani

One of the most well-known Indian eateries in the nation is probably Chai Pani, which means “tea and water” in English. Here, multi-restaurant owner Meherwan Irani emphasizes the customs of Indian street food while still being open to the norms.

Bring a stomachful of food so you have room to consume both a Sloppy Jai, which consists of spiced halal lamb hash between two griddled buns, and an order of samosa chaat, which consists of two samosas topped with a chickpea stew and plenty of chutney. If you’re in the South, why not have some matchstick okra fries? Because Chai Pani serves excellent masala chai, as the name suggests, come thirsty too.

10. Vik’s Chaat Corner

Since 1989, when its founder and Mumbai native Amod Chopra started a traditional Indian snack store in the warehouse district, Vik’s Chaat Corner has become a well-known destination in Berkeley, California.

The specialty of chaat is Indian street food, which is typically offered from roadside stands or moving carts and is customarily wrapped in fresh leaves.

Chopra was successful in bringing this to Berkeley’s streets, earning praise from all corners of the city.

Nowadays, Vik’s Chaat Corner provides a wide range of snacks in addition to full meals with fantastic daily specials.

Dosas, samosas (which were consistently produced properly), and pani puri are some of the available snacks. I went there for lunch, so I had the chance to have a delicious lamb biryani.