Things to keep in mind before getting engaged

It’s a big decision of life, not as simple as dating. While dating you can just break up and move on if you found the person is not worth, but once engaged it doesn’t remain that simple.

Your families are involved and if you are married then your relationship is legally bonded too. So before taking such a big decision think thoroughly and don’t get engaged in a hurry.

If you are not familiar with the partner’s family background and want a check, there are lot of detective agency in Delhi to help you. In today’s fast-moving world, every couple should consider or discuss few things before getting engaged.

Don’t take decision in a hurry.

Anticipating a proposal is natural, once you reach certain point in your relationship, either it’s an arrange or love.

Don’t rush or get over excited to get engaged, take your time and understand each other wisely before saying “yes”. And say yes, with a faith that if you are made for each other then things will automatically fall into place.

Communication skills- Key for a successful marriage.

Communication is crucial, even it’s a key for successful relationship. You are not engaged, but still it’s good to talk and know the other person.

Start communicating about everything and anything you want to, starting with the nice-to-know questions to the crucial once. If you are able to communicate well with each other, half of your issues will fall apart.

Friends & Family are important- Try to know them better.

Families are important when its about getting engaged followed by marriage, because it’s not only two people who start living together after marriage, but its about two families that come together.

That’s why it’s good to know each other’s family and friends because they will be equally involved in all functions and play an important role in your whole life. Make sure to get along with the family and take care your family too gets along with their family. Let them feel that they are important for you.

Career- Talk about your plans.

Career plays a vital role in your life, so its better to discuss it before moving forward and tying the knot. Discuss your career goals and your future plans related to your career.

Ask him/her few questions such as; is there’s any plan to relocate, what if one of you don’t want to work after marriage, is there’s any plan of further studies or how will you manage work at home if both will be working. It will keep you prepared in advance, for the future changes in your career.

Discussion Finances

People find it hard to discuss finance, but it’s essential when you have to decide your future together. Don’t be blunt while discussing, situation will become awkward and the person will feel embarrassed, be gentle and move slowly.

Financial issues can lead to violated expectations, and disappointment between the couples. It’s a big issue that can leads to separation, so better to discuss it in advance then blaming each other later on.

If you are not satisfied with it be clear and bring it out before getting engaged, then making it a reason for your fight or separation in later stage. The ration of divorce because of financial issues are higher then any other topic such as sex, children, or domestic work.

Its good to discuss Boundaries & Expectations

Big words, boundaries and expectations but crucial to discuss before moving forward and committing to a person. Keep everything clear with your partner about your opinion and be honest because it varies person to person, the line that divides friendship and cheating or infidelity.

Expectation, if not fulfilled, kills the relation, so have a clear picture what you expect out of a marriage or from a husband or a wife. How much time you expect, what’s your idea of keeping a balance between work and home etc.

Children- When and how many.

The obvious part once you are married. Decide together, do you really want children? If yes, then when and how many?

Once you have decided then the major setback comes, how to handle the finance, home and work. This is an amazing phase of life, but only if you are prepared for it and both the parents are ready to take the responsibility both mentally and physically. Discuss what both of you think and come to a consensus decision.

Be ready to accept the changes

You may know each other in and out, may be perfectly comfortable with each other before getting engaged. But accept it, marriage is not always a bed of roses, there are thorns too. Lots of surprises will be waiting your ways, it can be good or bad.

Remember, everything will not go as per plan. In tough situations just accept the fact and think about the bigger prospective, ultimately what matters is the togetherness and you are together. This is only possible if your foundation is strong, true and clear, that’s why it is crucial that both of you keep your wants, needs, and expectations clear.

Honesty is the best policy

You must have heard the line “honesty is the best policy”, its true specially when it comes to relationships.

Till you are not true, you won’t be able to give your hundred percent and sooner or later the other person will realise the truth. You will get all the freedom you want, if you are true and follow the rule of honesty as a best policy.

If you are doubtful and finding it difficult to trust the other person, don’t hesitate to call it a quit before taking the relation to next level and involving your family or friends.

Go easy while keeping all the important aspects in mind. It’s not a decision to be made in fraction of seconds.

If you have any doubt about bride/groom or the family or anything else seems unsure, then there is no harm in contacting detective agency in Delhi, they will collect the evidence to clarify your doubts while keeping it a secret. It’s not a situation to take risk. Be 100% sure and then say, “I do”.