5 Things to Pack For a Winter Motorcycle Vacation

Planning to go on a winter motorcycle vacation? Winter is arguably the best time to travel in India. it is because the temperature goes down this time. The hot and sweaty conditions of Summer which prohibits people from travelling is no longer present. This makes it a pleasant travelling experience with your family and friends. Even if you are travelling alone, winter is the best time to explore destinations.

It is important to stay safe and healthy on your winter vacation trips. Are you planning to go by motorcycle? You need to be extra careful about packing the right winter clothes in your motorcycle luggage bag.

Here are 5 things that you cannot forget while packing your winter vacation bags.

Winter Motorcycle Vacation

1. Full-Face Helmets

First and foremost, you need a good quality branded premium riding safety gear such as full-face motorcycle helmet. It will provide superior weather protection against actually cold wind of the mountain ranges as well as of the flats across India. The temperature drops to 15 to 10 degree Celsius depending on the location.

You will be in the open all the time when you are riding a bike. You need to take extra care to cover yourself completely. It is required to prevent any wind from getting inside your winter jacket. Usually, cold air starts getting inside your jacket from above where the helmet and the jacket meet. Make sure that there is no gap between the helmet and the jacket. This will keep your body warm by preventing cold wind from getting inside.

2. Balaclava

Balaclavas are full face cover for the entire head and neck region. This gives you complete weather protection even if a little cold wind gets inside your motorcycle helmet. There are many different styles of balaclavas and you can check the internet for a design that meets your requirements the best. If you are planning to ride across the mountains and hills of Northern India or any other region with similar winter temperature you need to protect yourself with a balaclava because the weather protection of a full-face helmet might not be enough for the extreme conditions at that height.

3. Multiple Thermal Wears

Instead of packing large winter jackets and coats, you need to pack multiple thin thermal wears so that you can layer one over the other and get additional warmth depending on the temperature you are riding in. not only will this keep your package small but also give you the freedom to layer down in case the weather starts getting warmer.

4. Scarves and beanies

Scarves and beanies are essential things that you need when you have completed your ride. When you are on the motorcycle riding on the highway with a full-face helmet and motorcycle riding jacket, it will keep you nicely protected against the elements of the weather, but the moment you stop your ride and open your helmet and jacket, the chill in the air will hit you hard!

Preserving body heat in cold weather conditions can make the difference between life and death and you don’t want to risk that by forgetting to pack scarves and beanies in your motorcycle luggage bags. While we are on the topic of packing you might want to consider investing in a top box to carry additional winter clothes without jamming up your side luggage bags.

5. Boots

Last but not the least you also need special with the riding boots that come up above the ankle and overlap with your riding pants which will keep the wind out of your body and ensure that you stay comfortable and warm even on long Highway Rides stop winter riding boots also have special under sole grip designed for providing additional traction on wet and snowy surfaces.


Riding a motorcycle is one of those joyously thrilling experiences that everyone should enjoy irrespective of life’s challenges! If you to enjoy the ride, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind to ride safely and enjoy your rides.  It is important to stay safe and healthy on your winter vacation trips. Since you are planning to go by motorcycle, you need to be extra careful about packing the right winter clothes in your motorcycle luggage bag as well as you riding safety gears. Here are five most useful things that you cannot forget while packing your winter vacation bags.