Top 10 Must Visit Places to Explore in France

France is a homeland to unique and beautiful scenery in the world. The country is located in Western Europe. It is home to wonderful museums, magnificent cathedrals, alluring castles, luxury resorts, colorful villages, modern architecture, charming landscapes, high-range mountains, wildlife species, and whatnot. Spending even a month would be insufficient to see the beauty. IT takes time to explore irresistible charm with our naked eyes. 

While you are here, you can begin your trip to the Eiffel Tower. It is the heart and soul of the country. Later, take a tour to explore the elegant and masterpieces of the world’s best holiday destination. Besides this, France is a great romantic getaway for lovely couples. They can surprise their loved ones in a most romantic manner. 

Places to Explore in France

Here is a detailed guide on the top ten places to visit in France.

1. Paris

The first name on the list has to be Paris. This is a European capital featuring architectural masterpieces. These include Eiffel Tower and the Notre Dame Cathedral. The city reflects its rich cultural and historical heritage in its exceptional and incredible museums. It have iconic art collections and unique treasures. To explore the city’s most spectacular attractions, you can take a 30-minute train ride from Paris to Versailles. 

2. Marseille

Marseille is one of the oldest cities in Europe. it is the second-largest city in France. This is a significant Mediterranean seaport situated off the southeast coast. The site features a pleasant climate, classic architecture, waterfront cafes, unique shops, bars, cultural and historical venues, and great Universities and industries. The Calanques is one of the popular tourist attractions in Marseille. It carries a series of small inlets along with turquoise water and beautiful limestone cliffs. 

3. Normandy

Normandy has so much to offer, from its beautiful scenery, rich historical heritage to gorgeous countryside woodlands, impressive castles, and splendid churches. One of the significant sites of Normandy is Mont Saint-Michel. It is a lovely seaside resorts of Honfleur and Deauville. Besides this, there are major tourist attractions to explore in Normandy. These include Rouen, Honfleur, Caen Memorial Museum, Bayeux, and the Bayeux Tapestry, Deauville, Monet’s Garden, Fecamp, and Suisse Normande. 

4. Cannes 

Cannes is widely popular for its annual film festival that happens around May and if you want to bask in the sun of the French Riviera or see the glamour and sparkling life, come to Cannes. The iconic Film Festival of Cannes is a remarkable and significant event since 1946. The movie stars belonging to different countries come here and walk on the annual red-carpet gala to promote the art of filmmaking.

The alluring seaside resort has all the glitter and spark of the Cote d’Azur, featuring beautiful private beaches, luxury yachts, elegant hotels, fancy restaurants, and wonderful streets. 

5. Loire Valley

Loire Valley is a great place to find a romantic escape, and it is located in central France along the Loire River. Every year millions of visitors plan a trip to this gorgeous site which is often known as the ‘Garden of France’. During the 15th and 16th centuries, French kings built lavish royal castles, which became iconic and legendary in ancient and modern history. If you are looking for the best flight deals and holiday packages, you can make Air Canada Reservations

6. The Charming Countryside of Provence 

Provence is one of the magical places in France, and the alluring countryside of the hills is covered with small farms, olive groves, beautiful sunflowers, and lavender fields. There is a tree-shaped street and fancy outdoor cafes seen in the heart and soul of the Provence. Besides this, tourists can participate in the most incredible things and see the fascinating castles, natural sights, ancient ruins, and beautiful villages. 

7. Rocamadour: A Medieval Pilgrimage Destination

Rocamadour is a heavenly place in France that should be on your travel bucket list. The site is the third most significant Christian pilgrimage built in the 11th century. Besides this, the village in Rocamadour has seven medieval-era sanctuaries, and among all, Chapelle Notre-Dame or Chapelle Miraculeuse is very famous, and it is often associated with miracles. Every year millions of visitors come here for sightseeing the most beautiful settings in a gorge above a tributary of the Dordogne River. 

8. Burgundy

Burgundy is another popular holiday destination in France, widely popular for its enormous wine region. The perfect time to visit this magical place is between September and November when the weather is more relaxed, and the vineyards are blooming in beautiful colors. There is an extraordinary number of historical monuments, cultural treasures, medieval towns, colorful villages, Romanesque chapels, and famous attractions in the Burgundy region. Besides this, the place features more than 300 churches and some versatile masterpieces of Gothic architecture. 

9. Antibes

Antibes-Juan-Les-Pins is a heavenly place to explore on the French Riviera for incredible and charming sightseeing scenes. While you are here, you can discover exciting monuments, gorgeous beaches, fantastic museums, and other attractions. Besides this, you can dive into the rich cultural heritage of Antibes or see the flourishing vegetation with your naked eyes.

10. The Camargue

The Parc Regional de Camargue is another famous holiday destination in France. It is just 16 kilometers from Arles in Provence, and here you can relax and chill while enjoying the fresh air and magnificent scenes which are not seen in the busy city life. The marshlands, salt flats, and landscapes surround the region. It is home to over 300 bird species, making it a paradise for bird-watching activities. You can make your Air France Reservations and get ready to discover the magical attractions of the country with your travel partners.