6 Tips for A Girl Biker to Solo Motorcycle Touring

Sick of the pandemic blues? The best way to entertain yourself is to go on a road trip. If you have traveled before on a motorcycle alone, you already know that tricks of the trade, but if this is your first time, here are a few things that you need to know first.

Solo Motorcycle Touring

Sick of the pandemic blues? Thousands of people all around the world are going out on road trips. They do this to deal with the boredom and to refresh their minds. The best way to entertain yourself is to go on a road trip. Even if you are a girl, you do not have to worry about the challenges that you might be anticipating. Because there actually is done as long as you follow the proper safety protocols and keep an open mind. If you have traveled before on a motorcycle alone, you already know that tricks of the trade. But if this is your first time, here are a few things that you need to know first.  

1. Safety should be the first priority 

Always make safety your first priority. Invest in good quality premium branded motorcycle helmets. It should be ideally a full-face helmet. It should provide complete protection to the entirety of the head and neck area stop. Always go with the dual visor helmet. It provides you the optimal riding conditions irrespective of the lighting conditions outside. In addition to physical safety, being a woman, you must also be prepared for the social stigmas and biases against women which lead to crimes as well.

Always make it a point to and your journeys as early as possible with enough sunlight remaining. Don’t ride in the dark if it is not extremely necessary. Getting a few personal safety accessories like pepper spray, and a camping knife just to be on the safe side. While parking the motorcycle at the hotel, do it in a place that is clearly visible and well-lit. Always make sure to carry the motorcycle luggage boxes with you inside the hotel room whenever you are settling for the night.  

2. Choose the route carefully 

A very important point of staying safe on the road is to choose a route that is completely safe as well. Keep an eye on the political scenario and environment evolving at the destination you plan to visit. If you anticipated problem about to happen, avoid the destination altogether and choose a different destination. Even while traveling to a safe destination, plan a route in such survey that you do not have to be crossing through desolate patches of roads. Especially if it has a history of crimes previously, particularly in the recent times.  

3. Always keep someone in the loop 

Having somebody in the loop about your whereabouts and upcoming plans is worth its weight in gold. If you ever happen to find yourself in trouble, you can always count upon them to come to your aid. At least send help if they already know where you are. While sending photographs to the person you trust, include a few landmarks in your photographs so that they can identify your last known position with the help of the landmarks. At the same time, never let any stranger know about your upcoming plans, or very worst thing at night because that can lead to theft or other crimes.  

4. Never expect others to help 

When you are on the road, don’t expect anybody to come to your help- your gender not counting! In many places, people are more eager to help a woman than a man, but do not take it for granted. Always be on your own guard and take every decision after evaluating all the opportunities and options for possibilities of danger. A good deal of accidents can be avoided if you do not assume that others will come to your help, or others will keep you safe on the road.  

5. Have multiple back up plans for everything 

When you are riding solo, irrespective of whether development or a woman, having multiple backup plans can be really helpful especially if you are riding to a place you have never ridden before. One of the most important things to keep as backup is a good quality premium helmet because if the primary helmet becomes damaged for some reason, you always have the second one for use.  

6. Money is your best friend 

When you are among strangers at a strange place, money is your best friend! Always give at least 30% of your overall travel budget as emergency money and carry at least a little amount of it in cash- in different places all over your motorcycle luggage boxes and on your person. There will be situations where credit cards or debit cards, or mobile phone payment applications will not be acceptable at all-that is when only cash helps!  

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