Things in Your Hair Regimen That Can be Slowing Your Hair Growth

 slowing your hair growth

Split ends in your hair are a real struggle. At first, your hair care routine should be good enough to avoid any kind of split ends. But still, there are many damaging factors that can result in that. So you should know what those are and how can you avoid them. Another thing you need to do is to improve your hair care routine and that includes the use of better products. You can buy a lot of good hair care products, these products don’t always have to be from the high-end brands. But the quality should be good enough. You can buy such products from good online stores like Megorgeous.


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Reasons for the split ends

As you know split needs in the hair already look bad enough but they will add more to your hair damage. Your hair tangle a lot because of this. Split ends are the worst point of your hair health and seeing them you should know you need to get serious about your hair care routine. You need to let go of the habits that are causing this, following are some of the things that may be causing split ends

Heat styling

The main thing that causes the split ends is heat styling. Being someone with curly hair you must have done that too. But a lot of heat styling never do any good for your hair. So you need to stop using a lot of the heat in your hair, even if you have to you can style your hair at the low or no heat. There are many heatless curling and straightening methods that will help you with this. You can also use the cool blow drying method of you want to blow dry your hair.

Styling your hair while they are still wet

Your hair is more susceptible to the breakage when they are wet, that is why it is told to not detangle your hair while they are wet. Even if you have to detangle your hair while they are wet what you need to do is to use a lot of conditioners, a leave-in conditioner helps a lot. You can use the one with a lot of slip and can detangle your hair with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb. If your maniple the wet hair they will cause the hair breakage and also the split ends.

Chemical treatment

Chemical treatments especially bleaching your hair cause a lot of hair damage. Even if you don’t do it regularly. One or two times is enough to destroy your hair. These are some of the harsh chemicals and will destroy your hair a lot. So if you want to avoid that you need to avoid using the bleach and harsh chemicals on your hair. Instead of that, you can go for the color treatments that are not that damaging to your hair. If you can you should avoid coloring your hair at all.