These Luxury Villa Of Goa Are So Bizarre That They Will Make Your Jaw Drop!

Goa is not just a holiday spot, this tiny state is a dream for every travel enthusiast. The most promising place known for rest, chill and relax, Goa is surrounded by serene nature that allures it’s travellers to come again and again.

Being a prominent travel destination, there are many villas for rent in Goa for 3 days that provides incredible comfort and unforgettable memories to cherish all your life.

Proximity to the Beaches :

Situated close to the beaches, these luxurious villas are best known holiday inns that could be easily rented at quite reasonable prices.

Prefabricated and covered with greenery, these villas are some of the best places to stay for any nature lover. Whether watching the breaking sea waves from the terrace or the amazing sunrise from the balcony, these extreme scenarios are hard to miss.

Spacious and well-maintained :

Luxury villas like the Humble Rock Villa, are built with spacious multiple bedrooms with attached bathroom and dining cum living space.

A fully equipped kitchen is also available for self service, though one could easily hire a chef to cook their desirable cuisines.

Beautifully designed interior :

These villas for rent in Goa for 3 days are exquisitely crafted in various antique and modern architecture that is sure to lure it’s occupants into a new tranquil setting.

Artistically crafted, these designs maintains an exclusive goan style that is pleasing to watch.

Private and Pleasant Stay :

The villas come with an adjacent garden, a private swimming pool, parking space, personal gazebo and many more adventures sports alley, that gives you time to boost the adventure lover in you in an energetic and cozy atmosphere.

Not only this, the cooperative staff working in these villas for rent in Goa for 3 days are extremely friendly and easily approachable at any time of the day.

Special Amenities :

Experience the exotic soulfulness of the luxurious villas as they provide every necessary amenities that would make your vacation nothing less than being at home.

Equipped with both air conditioner and fans, a small refrigerator, wardrobe and off course, free WiFi, one will get everything that one could ever desire.

Quick Nearby Restaurants:

Located few kilometres away from the beaches, these villas for rent in Goa for 3 days, are quite close to many renowned restaurants that serve some of the mouth watering delicacies starting with local food, seafood and other cuisines of the world. Just a few minutes walk and you can get yourself mesmerized in the taste and flavour of your favourite dishes.

Convenient Transport Facilities :

The villas are located at an easy distance from the airport and railway station alike. If you are coming from the major cities like Mangalore, Mumbai or Panjim, these lavish goan bungalows are just a few hours drive in your car.  

So, what are you waiting for? Aren’t these dreamy luxury villas inviting you? Hurry up! Get these villas for rent in Goa for 3 days and experience the unforgettable quintessential goan lifestyle in the company of your family and friends.