PUBG is also known as Players Unknown Battleground it is a multiplayer battle royal game. It was created by the PUBG corporation an auxiliary of South Korean computer game organization blue hole. It is played and liked by a large number of people worldwide. PUBG can be downloaded in 30$ from players unknown battleground.

PUBG can be downloaded in different modes

  1. PUBG for PC Download
  2. PUBG in Android Mobile

In mobile, it can be downloaded simply from the PUBG mobile app on Google. We will discuss the step by step PUBG downloading steps on PC but before that lets known something about the PUBG which is important to know

It is a very popular game and is well known among the field of battle royal games.

It will cost you $30 for downloading and you will get it from players unknown battleground.

Team PUBG also organizes the tournament the tournament with the price ranging from million dollars.

This game is unbelievable and has set the record of reaching 1,342,857 of total active players.

Now, let see how to download PUBG on PC for free. Step for downloading PUBG on PC.

  1. The search has found that people search on windows 10 for PUBG download than any other windows.
  2. Download the installer from the link
  3. Instruction will get pop on a screen you need to follow them.
  4. The Run”.exe” and install the game.
  5. The game will automatically get downloaded and install itself.
  6. No need to wait until the installation is in process.
  7. Once the download is completed the pop will appear with download key.
  8. Activate the game with the help of that download key.
  9. When all done to start playing the PUBG PC version.

Above mentioned are the steps which you can follow and simply and download the PUBG on PC also you can share it with your friends.

The alternative way of playing PUBG

Apart from that, there is one more alternative way to play PUBG for PC download. You can also use the emulators for playing PUBG on the PC. Remember for emulator itself you need to download PUBG on PC or laptop as well. The number of emulators players are rising and it’s cool as per the fashion today.

 Apart from that, you can also download Tencent gaming buddy which is once installed will offer you an experience of frame rate at 60fps. By this mode, the PUBG will work from all the OS. You can easily switch between the HD, FUll HD, and ultra HD.

 Depending upon the display of your system users can tweak the engine performance, by selecting appropriate memory and performance.


In this article, we have informed the easiest way of downloading PUBG for PC  and that too free of cost. Although there are many other ways to download PUBG on PC you can follow this one as this is the easiest one. Also if you have any suggestions or queries regarding the article please tell us in the comment box.