Best anime series of all time.

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We all are very much familiar with the kissanime which is a creation of Japan and is famous all over the world. It is dubbed in various languages and shown in all part of the world. Let’s explore more and find out that what all anime series are considered as best anime all the time. These Japanese anime cartoons have a deeper meaning and you can discover more as in the world of anime nothing is impossible and you can do everything whatever you want. There are millions of fans all over the world of kissanime although the list of fans is long we will discuss some of the very famous and best anime series all the time in this article.

Best Anime Series

1. One Piece

Although there are 100s of episodes in this series the main character Luffy will teach you a lesson of life. He will guide you that how you should sacrifice everything if you dedicatedly want to achieve something in life. He will teach you how to fight and achieve your goal until the last moment of life. The message which says “Never Quite in life” makes the story of this anime great.


2. No Game No Life

This excellent anime has a very unique quality and this is best for the game lovers it is a kind of fantasy world where everything is governed by the specific rules and regulations. The story revolves around two siblings Shiro and Sora who are by mistake transported to the different world of games. After that, they struggled a lot to survive in such a world of games where the games are not very decent and innocent.


3. Akame ga Kill

In the initial first few episodes you might feel boring but once the story unfolds you will love the theme and captivating fighting anime you have ever seen. The story focuses on the boy named Tatsumi who planned to go through a journey to the capital city in order to gain name, fame but on the way they meet to the dangerous group of assassins known as night raids after that the journey becomes very interesting.


4. Psycho-Pass

Psycho-pass is a smart series which determines the analyses about the person that they can become the threat to the society or not. All the characters are tech- savvy and they use an instrument called “Dominator” which detects and continuously send and read the psychological data to determine a person’s crime. This story is best for fans of minority report they must watch this video for entertainment.


5. Rurouni Kenshin: Wandering Samurai

This interesting story focuses on the wandering samurais who stumble upon the struggling martial arts, the school in Japan. Very dramatic characters, great sword fight scenes, and the bit of history and some philosophy all makes it very interesting and entertaining for all age group people. If you love watching violence you must watch this anime series based on violence a masterpiece.


6. One Punch Man

The story of one punch man revolves around a man who is the hero of the story and he can end all his fight with a single punch. This is not a story where you will see that hero is killing his enemies after a lot of struggle but here you will find a hero who is overpowered and is struggling to find a much stronger enemy with whom he can fight.



Above mentioned all the stories are the best anime series which are very popular among their fans and it is the best mode of entertainment in Japan for all age group of people.