Seven Creative Event Themes That are Sure to Impress

Events are a great way to show off your company’s personality while pushing your staff outside their comfort zone. This can lead to fun and creative team building!

On average, an event planner will cost you from $500 to $900 an hour. However, if you are a creative genius, this can be achieved internally without spending too much.

We’ve got you covered. Keep reading for seven creative event themes that are sure to impress your team!

1. Fun Carnival 

A creative event theme like a fun carnival is sure to be a hit with guests! Creative decorations can transform any venue into a colorful carnival featuring bright signage, vibrant lights, and fun attractions. A few of the simple attractions you could offer are an airbrush tattoo booth, a dunk tank, and carnival games, like a ring toss or bean bag toss.

Download and print your carnival banner template to make it more appealing.

2. Retro Flashback

Think dress-ups, bright colors, and an old-school soundtrack. Set the scene with flickering disco balls and vibrant lightings, such as vintage disco lights, black lights, and strobes. Incorporate vintage props. Think retro signs, furniture, popcorn makers, and jukeboxes.

Decorate the party venue to reflect the theme of a retro flashback. 

3. Movie Night

Movie night is a creative and fun private event. Everyone loves watching a good movie, and with the right technology and accommodations, it can be an event to remember. Organizers can start the movie night by setting up a viewing area with a large screen, projector, and comfy seating.

Finish the touch with different snacks, from freshly popped popcorn to candy, to make the evening more enjoyable.

4. Surprise Destination Theme

This theme offers excitement and fun through surprise and discovery. Rather than providing all of the details of the event upfront, only hints are given to participants. A destination is selected, and participants are provided clues as to what it is.

They must use these clues and their imagination to recreate the destination and its corresponding atmosphere in their own minds.

5. Technology Theme

From interactive displays to futuristic drink menus, the possibilities are endless. Guests can explore the new and trendy advancements in the tech world while celebrating the innovation of your company. Incorporate vibrant streaming visuals, captivating sound systems, and engaging activities like scavenger hunts or virtual reality games. 

6. Costume Evening

Your team could come dressed up in a variety of costumes, representing plenty of different characters. The event could include a costume contest, raffle, and plenty of fun games and activities.

Your team can opt for team costumes and get creative with crazy mixes. There could be an awards ceremony for the best costumes and a prize for the most creative one.

7. Elegant Dinner Gala

A popular choice that is often overlooked is the elegant dinner gala. Dinner galas offer the perfect opportunity to make a major impression on attendees while also keeping a corporate event light and professional. Galas also provide a great opportunity to show creativity.

Things like delicious menus featuring various gourmet dishes, custom centerpieces, and even special entertainment like live classical music.

Wow Everyone With These Creative Event Themes

These creative event themes elevate events beyond the ordinary to let attendees engage, share, and enjoy a magical and spectacular experience. Don’t forget to book your space and plan ahead. Your attendees will be talking about it for years!

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