7 Things To Do When in The Beehive State, Utah

Things to Do When in Utah

Utah is a western state in the USA that will leave an imprint on your mind after your visit. Utah’s diverse landscape and culture have been shaped by time and tide to make it perfect for an adventurous getaway

There is just too much to do in Utah. The weather throughout the year gives you the perfect opportunity to involve in different outdoor activities such as planning a picnic, going hiking and mountain biking up or down the trails, trying rafting, canoeing, etc. You can also take the day to visit the city and check out the famous museums and art galleries. 

Or, you can choose to spend a leisurely day at any small town visiting the farmers market or enjoy a quiet meal at a small-town outdoor cafe. As described by different magazines in Utah, the hotel and bed and breakfast industry in Utah are very welcoming to tourists. They are known to be very hospitable and help you experience the true essence of life in Utah.

The incredible wonderland of Utah is a place where lasting memories are forged from simple experiences. 

Utah: Home to Exceptional Natural Wealth, Spirited adventure, Diverse culture, and much more…

This Western state has been described as “the greatest show on earth” by the Utah life Magazine. If you are a winter fun seeker, then Utah is definitely the place for you. There are a series of shiny white snow-clad mountains that go on for miles. You will find different skiing programs and popular tourist destinations that attract a lot of attention from the season skiers. 

Life in Utah during the summer is no less pleasant! The mountains that are covered deep in snow during the winter turn bright shades of green with the rolling wildflower fields. At peak summer’s, Utah life is fun-filled with activities like horse-riding, fishing, golfing, and other outdoor water sports during the summertime.

Top Places to Visit in Utah 

1. The National and State Parks

Utah has much natural beauty to offer. More than half the state is filled with beautiful places that will help you feel one with nature. You can also watch the exotic wildlife of the state when you visit its many parks and sanctuaries or read about the first dark sky park in the world located near lake Powell in the Utah magazine. It has natural bridges that let the visitors experience the beautifully lit night sky and the surrounding dramatic landscape.

The places you must visit:

  • Bear Lake State Park
  • Glen Canyon National Recreation Area
  • Antelope Island State Park
  • Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park
  • The Narrows
  • Goblin valley state park

2. Skiing resorts

Skiing is the major attraction of Utah during the winter season. Show the clean resorts and effort to make them more welcoming to the tourist and ski lovers. Several resorts and skiing programs offer different adventure sports to engage the people.

The places you must visit:

  • Wasatch Mavens program
  • Park City mountain resort
  • Canyon ski resort

3. Art galleries and museums

Utah is very rich in art and culture, and these are well preserved in the museums and galleries. If you are an art lover, then Utah will definitely tingle your interests. They have various kinds of museums and galleries for different tastes and interests. If you keep up with art magazines, you must have heard of the famous Western American artists Maynard Dixon. You can visit the Maynard Dixon Living History Museum to view the works of a genius. The Brigham Young University Museum of Art is one of the largest art museums in Utah. It covers more than 102,000 square feet, including about 10 exhibition galleries and many more facilities. 

The places you must visit:

  • Chase Home Museum of Utah Folk Art
  • The Utah Museum of Fine Arts
  • Utah Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Springville Museum of Art
  • Ogden Contemporary art center
  • Southern Utah Museum of Art

4. Experience the ocean life

Loveland is a living planet aquarium; you can look at life under the ocean. This is one of the most alluring experiences that you must strike off your buck list, when in Utah. 

5. Cultural festivals and programs

When you visit Utah, you will notice that Utah holds several cultural events and festivals of performing arts and culture. This lets you experience the flavor of different parts of the world and not just Utah in one place. When in Utah, you can look around and find about the events that you could attend at Salt Lake City.

6. Zoo and Aviaries

If you are traveling to Utah with a child or just somebody who loves to visit zoos, then the hobble zoo and the Tracy aviary must be a must-visit for you. 

7. Cultural museums

There are several museums in Utah that are solely dedicated to preserving and showcasing the state’s history and heritage. You can find different fascinating artifacts, photographs, and exhibits preserved from different periods of Western America.

The places you must visit:

  • Anasazi state park museum
  • Age of cedars state park museum
  • Temple square
  • Natural history Museum of Utah
  • Leonardo museum
  • Dinosaur National monument
  • Ogden’s dinosaur park

Adorn Your Visit to the Western State

The state of Utah is a hidden gem that should get more attention from tourists. If you haven’t yet been to Utah, then you definitely are missing out on one of the most beautiful experiences of your life. So the next time you look for a new place to explore, come and visit Utah.