Mussoorie Places To Visit To Make Your Summer Worthwhile

Mussoorie Places To Visit To Make Your Summer Worthwhile

Summers are here. You are welcome to the most fascinating destination located in the state of Uttaranchal – Mussoorie. The proximity of the place to the capital city – Delhi, Mussoorie is admired getaway for the residents of Delhi and UP. The charming view of the snow-covered hills petrified with the vast natural beauty leaves an unforgettable feeling in one’s mind. In the year 2023, if you are planning for some holidays, just choose Mussoorie an ideal destination for your holidays. Here are the Mussoorie places to visit to make your summer worthwhile.

Know Places To Visit In Mussoorie For The Perfect Summer Getaway

  • Kempty Falls
  • Gun Hills
  • Bhatta Falls And Jharipani Falls
  • Camel’s Back
  • Lal Tibba
  • Mussorie Lake
  • Jwalaji Temple
  • Company Garden

What to see in Mussoorie? Go through the list. Enjoy the peaceful natural beauty. Treat yourself to exciting adventure sports and practice interesting cultures and cuisines by taking a tour of Mussoorie. An attractive hill station in Uttarakhand, Mussoorie appeals to backpackers from all over the nation. The picturesque town boasts amazing tourism facilities to keep the visitors in utmost possible comfort. Book your room in one of the luxury Mussoorie hotels if you wish to enjoy a stay in the real lap of lavishness and nature and lavishness. Now, you can book your Mussoorie tour package and enjoy all that nature has to present. Just breathe the refreshing natural air, discover the unexplored, calm down and rejuvenate!

1: Kempty Falls

Located 15 km from Mussoorie, Kempty Falls lies within green hills. The sparkly water gushes down 4500 mtrs about, ghettoizing into five different waterfalls of about 40 ft. each. It was casually a place for the British to perform tea parties and amuse people and hence the name ‘Camp-tea’. Now, it is called Kempty Fall.

2: Gun Hills

It is the second-highest peak of Mussoorie. It is one of the famous points of attraction and travellers visit it in the early morning. The place gives a charming view of some of the top Himalayan ranges which includes the Srikantha, Bunderpunch, Pithwara, and Gangotri group. It gives an amazing bird eye view of the whole Mussoorie town as well as Doon Valley. The ropeway ride of 400 meters promises to give a thrilling experience to visitors. You might be thinking of the name ‘Gun Hill’. Well, the name is given during the pre-independence time, when a canon used to be fired from Gun Hill every afternoon. The gun shoot helps people to know the time and adjust their watches. Gun Hill gets its name from the gun shoot. It is one of the best places to visit in Mussoorie in October.

3: Bhatta Falls And Jharipani Falls 

Bhatta Falls and Jharipani Falls are two major waterfalls of Mussoorie. They are situated at a distance of 7 km and 8.5 km respectively from Mussoorie. If you are coming to the place with your kids, you can enjoy a special picnic giving small beautiful lakes and ponds and Jharipani is popular for its calm natural beauty.

4: Camel’s Back 

It is well known 4 km stretch. It begins from Kurli Bazaar and winds up at Library Bazaar. It is having a special rock formation that looks similar to a camel’s back. The place offers a heavenly view of the sunset over the Himalayan range where one can observe many shades of the evening soften into one.

5: Lal Tibba 

Lal Tibba is added to the list of the highest and most scenic points for viewing the valley on one side. Here, you can easily see the snow-capped Himalayan range on a clear day. The area is supposed to be one of the military cantonment areas during British times.

6: Mussorie Lake

It is one of the artificial lakes here and was constructed by City Board & Mussoorie Dehradun Development Authority. It is located just 6 km on Mussorie-Dehradun road. The lake gives the facility of boating and you can enjoy pedalled boats here. So, if you are coming here with your kids, you can visit Mussorie Lake. It assures to give a scenic and panoramic vision of Doon Valley and its adjoined villages.

7: Jwalaji Temple

This temple is located just 9 km from the city center. It is built over Beong Hill. It is a superb viewpoint of the whole valley. The temple is covered by dense greens.

8: Company Garden

So-called – Municipal Garden, the Company Garden is a fine-looking garden belonging to the content valley area. The garden has a broad green carpet of neat and clean lawns with a fake mini lake with paddled boating service.

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