Various Travel Styles: Discover Your Way

Various Travel Styles: Discover Your Way

Travelling is incredible, No? It opens a portal to whole new experiences, cultures and adventures. One exciting thing that you might already know is that all travellers are not the same. We all have different styles and preferences when going on a trip. That’s why it’s super important to discover your unique style to avoid following someone else’s path and ultimately not finding joy in the journey. We will break down each travel style here, so let’s prepare to rock your travel game like never before!    

Why finding your travel style matters

Picture a scenario where you’re on a trip, feeling a bit off. Activities and places don’t excite you; you must blend with the place’s culture. This can happen if you do not witness the adventure you had imagined. That’s why discovering your travel style is a game changer. It lets you realize and customize your trips according to your interests and preferences. For instance, it brings to mind the concept of the GTA Party Bus, where you can customize your experience and choose pocket-friendly rides that align perfectly with your desires and preferences. This way, you can enjoy and make the most of every journey.

The Adventurer

Are you the kind of traveller who yearns for the adrenaline rush and wants to quench the thirst for thrills? If so, you might be an adventurer at Soul—those who love going beyond the ordinary and exploring the unknown like this way of travelling. Do you visualize yourself backpacking through the rugged terrains or scaling towing mountains? If yes, you’re a hardcore adventurer and travelling any other way will not excite you. You feel the world is your playground. You love adrenaline-pumping activities like skydiving and bungee jumping. So, how can you set on your adventurous journey? We recommend researching destinations that offer the kind of adventure you crave. It can be hiking, trekking or any other such sport. Remember, being an adventurer does not mean being reckless, so be bold but calculated.

The Culture Enthusiast

If you get excited about visiting historical places, meeting local people and enjoying unique traditions, you’re a culture enthusiast. You can only imagine travel as wandering through the ancient ruins, cobbled streets of charming villages or witnessing vibrant festivals. You always find yourself immersed in the customs, traditions and stories that have shaped past civilizations for centuries. Your interest revolves around observing grand historical architectures and understanding their significance. There are abundant destinations worldwide to satisfy your longing to learn about such places. For die-hard culture lovers, it’s not just about ticking off the landmarks from the checklist.  You can enhance your expeirince by engaging with locals to gain a profound understanding of their way of life and forging connections that transcend language barriers.     

The Relaxation Seeker

Then there are travellers who desire nothing more than serenity and bliss. Their whole point of travelling revolves around the idea of relaxation and solitude. If you’re travelling of this kind, they probably often wonder about ditching the routine to find yourself lounging on pristine beaches, getting spa treatments or basking in the raw nature. If such thoughts constantly occupy your mind, you, my friend, are a relaxation seeker. 

You follow a laid-back and zen approach to exploring the world. Travelling mainly involves prioritizing unwinding and rejuvenating your body and mind. You understand how important it is to take a break. If this sounds like your travel style, you must seek a serene destination and embrace slow travel. Off-grid travel can be the best option to experience what you crave. 

The Urban Explorer

If you find yourself drawn to the bustling energy of urban environments and enjoy uncovering hidden gems in cityscapes, you can confidently consider yourself an urban explorer. You get fascinated by skyscrapers, city lights, and fantastic architecture. Urban fun can come in many forms; it can be strolling down the iconic boulevards, capturing street art or discovering eateries; there is no limit. To enjoy the exploration of such kind to the fullest, lose yourself on the streets and allow curiosity to guide you. Seek out local eateries, and don’t be afraid to try something new. Take part in cultural activities and explore live performances. Don’t limit the fun to the daylight hours; safely stroll streets at night as many cities reveal a different side when the sun sets.

The Digital Nomad

Do you often imagine yourself sipping coffee in a relaxed café while working on your laptop? Then you’re a digital nomad. You like to adapt to different environments. You ignite your creative spirit at the vibrant place where you can spot like-minded professionals. To cater to this population, city spaces are now popping up, with co-working spaces providing a perfect blend of work and social interaction. These spaces are specifically designed for remote workers. However, being a digital nomad isn’t always about work but also the freedom to fit into the new rooms.


For a truly fulfilling journey, it’s essential to discover your unique taste. By understanding your preferences and interests, you can set out for your next adventure with confidence and zeal. Travelling is a getaway from the routine and a gateway to a new incredible purpose. Only knowing your style and going with your style can fulfil this purpose.