Marriage Anniversary Gifts for Gifting Your Spouse Every Year

Marriage is one of the unique and special celebrations in every couple’s life. Celebrating the anniversary for every upcoming year is a beautiful occasion for recognition of two people’s love, even with tribulations in their journey of marriage. Even the wedding anniversary celebration brings all the relatives and friends for celebrating the couple’s joy and happiness. Many traditional cultures celebrate their wedding anniversary as a crucial event to be observed in a significant and meaningful manner. Gifting each other on their wedding anniversary is like a commitment to the marriage life of a couple. To buy a gift and picking the best one needs much effort because every couple has different choices of gift ideas. Most of them search online about our wedding anniversary gifts by year. You can find a lot of information regarding the gift ideas on the web, can buy in a store or even order any of the gifts you chose in an online site without worrying. If you are attending a couple’s anniversary getting an award for 1st year anniversary is easy, but if they are close to you, then it needs some effort, same applies for a couple who want to gift each other. You can find various themes on the anniversary for each year.

Gift ideas for wedding anniversary by a year

You can discover traditional as well as modern themes of gift ideas buying for a wedding anniversary. Search about what our wedding anniversary gifts by year like preserved flowers, gemstones, and so on. Let’s see some gift ideas for each wedding anniversary year.

First Anniversary: Paper (紙)

The traditional way of a gift idea for the first anniversary would be paper on which you can write what you feel for your significant other as a love letter.

Second Anniversary: Cotton (棉)

Durable cotton which is fabric made offers specific quality gift idea for a happily married couple. This gift reminds the couple to be able to adapt to the change in their togetherness.

Third Anniversary: Glass or Crystal (玻璃或水晶)

Giving crystal or glass is a modern theme of gifting for the third anniversary of a couple. Diamond shines with a beauty that reflects the light from it. This reminds the couple celebrating anniversary to be the reflection of inspiration to other married couples. Both the glass and crystal brittle which suggests the married couple be never breakable and take each other for granted in any situation occurring in their marital journey.

Fourth Anniversary: Fruits or Preserved flowers (永生花)

There will be growth in a couple’s relationship after four years of marriage. Their love blossoms which are a symbol of blossoming flowers and fruits which reflects the commitment of couple for life. Gift some fruits with a nice quote about their love or purchase lovely colors of preserved flowers which remains fresh for one or two years without watering them.

Fifth Anniversary: Silverware (銀器)

The silverware splendid brilliance and clearness represents the marriage’s, image of the quality and immaculateness. It likewise makes a couplemindful of their mutual bonds as they eat together with their family in this giftware.

Thus, these are some wedding anniversary gifts by year (每年的結婚週年禮物) to gift the couple celebrating their anniversary or giving to the married couple anniversary event you are going to attend.