Know The Process Of STD Testing

STD is a Sexually Transmitted Disease and is transferable. It gets spread through sexual intercourse. Genital warts, Genital herpes, Chlamydia, HIV, Gonorrhoea are some examples. An STD like HIV is very dangerous. It leads to AIDS which is incurable.

You are likely to get STD, if

  • You have multiple sex partners
  • You (in case you are a male) do not use a condom during intercourse with an unknown person
  • Your partner (in case  you are a female) does not use a condom during intercourse who has many other sex partners
  • For money or drugs, you are into trade sex.
  • You may get trichomoniasis which can be caused by parasites in the form of moist objects like towels, toilet seats. It is more commonly caused by sexual contact.

STD may also happen through razors, needles, and toothbrush. Usually, when personal items are shared, STD can take place.

If you come across any symptoms that are likely to infect you with STD, then rush to a good doctor immediately. Do not delay. Talk to your doctor freely. Take your doctor’s help as much as you can. You may be suggested to take an STD test.

The Process Of STD Testing

STD tests depend on the type of sexual disease that has infected a person. For instance, HIV has its own test which is different from Chlamydia or Gonorrhoea.

Here are some general steps in the process of STD testing.

  • HIV- It includes a blood test. There may be swab from the mouth.
  • Syphilis – This includes a blood test or a mouth sample.
  • Trichomoniasis – Swab from the infected area.
  • Gonorrhoea – Urine sample or swab of the genital area.

A doctor in all the above cases takes the samples and gives it for the STD testing. If the result is positive then a person has STD.

You must look for an STD clinic the moment you see symptoms are likely to be sexually transmitted ones.

How To Stay Protected From STD in Singapore?

  • Abstinence from any kind and every kind of sexual activity is the surest way to never catch STD. Not only sexual intercourse but having oral sex may also cause STD.
  • Please use protection. While having sex the use of a condom is extremely necessary. Often dental dams and diaphragms become saviours. Reports suggest that these have reduced the chances of STD to a good extent.
  • Definitely, thrice a year get yourself tested on STD. Go for a good STD clinic where such tests take place and take the STD test to be absolutely sure about yourself. If you have multiple partners then this test is extremely significant to you.
  • Learn about the diseases, the symptoms, cure and better. This makes you aware and averts risks in future.
  • Spread your knowledge among others to have their lives as well.
  • Do not be friends with people who are expected to carry such wrong diseases.
  • Do not share your things with the wrong people. For example Toothbrush, razor, towel, wet clothes, needles and more.

An STD disease is the last thing in the world that you should ignore. Sometimes, you are not aware of STD symptoms. In some cases, you may not see too. Then you should immediately good doctor to get tested.