How To Apply For Graduate Entry Medicine

apply for graduate entry medicine

The graduate entry medicine in the medical line has become a very popular choice. As the demand has been increased so the medical portal has now made an inclusive source of knowledge. 

Well, it is accessible for students who have got a graduate degree in any of the fields to apply for the medicine courses or else for a graduate entry medicine.

It can be competitive for applying as a graduate in medicine.

In today’s time, it is very competitive in the field of medicine. It has been attracting much more than 10,000 applicants in just a year. In a few countries just like the USA, medicine is a PG course available for students.  

Structure of the graduate entry course-

apply for graduate entry medicine

Compared to the postgraduate courses the graduate courses are much more intense. These courses depend more on maturity, study skills, and self-awareness. There are several different courses for the medical courses depending on which a person wants to get admission.

But still one of the most common structures includes the graduation to be taught in 1-2 years.  After that, they join the later year candidates like the 3rd year, and as they are joined together then all of their classes are taken together.  

There is a time at which most of the medical schools merge all the graduates and non-graduates students. This time is most often when there is the transition stage between where the candidates are about to finish their non-clinical university phase. 

The changing stage between being university-based from then being a hospital-based will be mostly done in the second year.

This transition is made smooth because of the right timings. The transitions are also logical. 

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of applying for the standard entry in medicine program in the place of graduate entry medicine program-


  • One can get a wide range of choices of getting admission to medical school.
  • The course is not usually too long and is of just 1 or 2 years.  
  • These give a longer vacation so one can say that they give some rest to students to not make the course too hectic.
  • Here the competition for the admission is not too much competition and students can pass them easily.


  • They take some extra time duration to entirely complete a standard admission medicine degree. This ultimately increases the entire cost to study in the medical field. And this also means that one might have to give one more or maybe even two more dedicated years to this field. 
  • The funding is also significantly different when one compares the standard entry course and the graduate entry medicine course. So there is very high funding for the graduates who have done the graduate entry medicine program compared to the standard graduates.

So here was some information related to the application for the graduate entry medicine program that is usually 2-3 years. So before going for the interview to get admission to these colleges to be prepared with the medicine interview questions as getting admission in them is tough.