How do You Make a Fire Evacuation Plan for Your Health?

Growing up, you may have rolled your eyes at all the fire drills your school had. However, in the real world, fires are more common than you think. You may think house fires are the result of a careless mistake by the home owner, or because of old equipment. However, all it takes is one reason for a spark to occur, and that spark can turn into a blaze.

House fires can happen to anyone, and while you shouldn’t fear it, you should have an evacuation plan handy in case it happens. How do you make an evacuation plan? Here are some ways you can do that, and what to consider.

  1. Find Multiple Ways Out

In your house, you may have a preferred way of leaving. However, during a house fire, this way may not be accessible. When that happens, what can you do? Well, you can look for another way out. Look at all the ways out you can find. Windows, doors, and other methods.

One thing to consider is how easy they are to open. Some windows take a struggle to open, and that can make the difference between life or death should you find yourself having to escape from a house fire. In cases like that, try to see if you can install emergency releases on your windows to make escape easy.

2. Involve Everyone

If you have children, they can participate in your plan. Tell them about it and show them how they can escape should a fire happen. If you have pets, find an evacuation plan for them as well.

One thing you need to think about are the people who may have trouble escaping. If you have elderly members or people with special needs, they may not even be able to escape. Children may not be able to hear the alarm when it goes off.

In cases like that, one family member needs to be the one who is assigned to find everyone should a fire occur. Also, you should have backup. For example, if the father is the one who is supposed to gather everyone, you may need to have the mother do it should the father be absent.

By everyone, we also mean the guests as well. Present the plan, and they can look over it if they are interested.

3. What About a Meeting Spot?

When you run out of a house, you don’t want everyone running around helter-skelter. Instead, you need to think about a place for everyone to meet up. These can include your mailbox, a neighbor’s house, or another iconic location in your neighborhood.

When you do think of a spot, make sure it’s in the front of your house so you can talk to the responders whenever they arrive. In addition, you should make sure your house number is visible as well for responders. If your mailbox is faded, replace the numbers on it.

Also, under no circumstances should anyone go back in the house once they are outside of it.

4. Look at Your Smoke Alarms

When thinking of an evacuation plan, think of your smoke alarms. In a big house, having one may not be enough. Install them in all bedrooms if possible, and test them regularly to make sure they are in working order. We all know smoke alarms can be a pain when you’re trying to cook, but they save lives. Tell your family members that when the smoke alarms sound, it’s time to get out.

5. Have Multiple Plans

There’s always a chance your escape route is blocked. What you should do in that case is have a towel in your room. In the case you can’t escape, close all the doors you can, put a towel underneath your door to prevent smoke, and inform the fire department. Go near the window and wait for them to arrive.

5. Fire Drills

Finally, having a yearly fire drill is ideal especially if you’re in the podiatry gold coast business. You don’t need to wake up the kids at 5 in the morning, but surprise them with a fire drill and make sure they perform their best.

In Conclusion

Having a plan is a good idea, especially if you live in an area prone to fires. You may need a fire evacuation plan Melbourne for example. Think of your plan, and when you do so, practice it. You’ll be glad you did. Even if you never have a house fire, it can be good for your mental health.