How can Online Vendors Create Lasting Relationships using Custom Soap Boxes?

Custom Soap Boxes

For online businesses, the packaged product is the first direct touch point and connection with the consumers. Unfortunately, a very low percentage of online companies see this as an opportunity. As a result, it remains one of the most underutilized marketing strategies. 

The need to protect the products during the shipping process aroused the need to package products, but solely focusing on this function means your business is missing out on the opportunity to create a potential marketing impact with packaging. 

A branded packaging that provides a memorable unboxing experience can allow online soap vendors and manufacturers to deliver an excellent product by leaving a lasting impression on the buyers.      

What is Branded Custom Soap Packaging Experience?

On the whole, branded custom soap packaging experience is a selection of packaging materials and shipping as well as how you have opted to present your shipped soaps. The basic aim of branded custom soap box packaging is to offer additional value to your potential customers and business by creating a positive first impression of your brand and product. In short, branded packaging is one that is both shareable and unforgettable.   

Compare to brick and mortar stores, online businesses only have a few touchpoints to deliver and delight customers. Plus, the efficiency of online buying comes at the cost of hands-on experience. For this reason, it’s critical to make most of the few touchpoints that are available to create a lasting brand experience for buyers and set your business apart from the rivals.  

Why it’s Essential to Deliver a Branded Custom Soap Box Experience?

If you want to build a sustainable and long-term relationship with your customers, it is crucial to offer them an experience that is hard to forget. This requires you to keep bringing your customers back to your business time and again. Why? Repeat customers spend more than new customers, so when you invest in loyalty and retention marketing, it empowers you to move away from the acquisition treadmill where you have to invest money to acquire new customers.  

According to a 2016 Dotcom Distribution survey, roughly 40 percent of the buyers are likely to purchase again from an online business that ships its products in premium boxes. The same study also divulged that quality packaging gives a feel of an upscale brand.  

Essentially, it’s in our DNA to share all the good experiences that we have had. Don’t believe me? Do a quick search over the internet, and you will come across numerous videos, images, and blog posts on different experiences shared by customers. These pieces of content help businesses launch and get their name out in the market. Soap manufacturers can also leverage this strategy and improve their sales in a matter of days. 

Strengthen your Brand Name

When you deliver beyond your customers’ expectations, you will hear good things from them. It will encourage word of mouth, giving your business the push it needed to make a mark for itself. 

This doesn’t have to be complex as a simple thank you note or a token of appreciation can work wonders for your business. It depicts your brand truly cares about customers and willing to go the extra mile for customers. Quality custom soap packaging is a part of this strategy because it creates excitement about the packaged product and makes customers want to access the ordered product quickly.     

Molimo, a leading apparel brand, is an excellent example, especially when it comes to leveling-up the packaging without spending a fortune. Each of their packages includes a unique item (a sticker, card elucidating their commitment, and thank you notes). Though they may look simple, it goes a long way in delivering a personalized experience and driving loyalty.