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Most people like to travel to the beautiful valleys of the mountains. Among several hill stations of India, Shimla holds a special significance when the topic is nothing but camping in Shimla. When it’s a matter of visiting mountains, no other place can be more engaging than the Himalayas in India. Located on the lap of nature, Shimla is in the foothill of the Himalayas. Undoubtedly, the northern part of India offers plenty of options to travelers that include a soothing climate, and remarkable chances for camping.

relish the snowfall in shimla

Why Shimla Is The Best Choice For Camping?

Being a traveler, you can explore numerous places to visit in Himachal. Shimla is one of the best places to visit when it comes to its natural magnificence and heavenly glamour. But among those places, Shimla is probably the most marvelous one in the entire Himalayan range of India when it comes to camping in Shimla.

Overall, if you ask what Shimla is famous for apart from scenic views and pleasing nature, the answer would be certainly camping. Shimla is an excellent travel destination among travelers for enormous opportunities for conducting some exciting camping. If you are an enthusiast of adventure, Shimla would be the best place for quenching your desire amidst nature.

As an adventure buff, certainly you can take extraordinary experiences of fascinating jeep safaris, bike rides, campfires, natural lodging, trekking, hiking, paragliding rides, and many other outdoor sports in this capital city of Himachal Pradesh. Stability, natural conformity, and solace are the three parameters that decide different price rates for different campings.

With locations like Mashobra, Rampur, Jubbal, and Narkanda just away from a 2-hour drive from the city center, Shimla is perfect for arranging camps and thus a must-visit for all. Therefore, in this article, we are presenting some major facts to schedule camping in Shimla more effortlessly. Your trip from Delhi to Shimla by car is the best way to travel and experience this beautiful journey. Contact TourTravelWorld for Shimla holiday packages and make it an exciting journey with unforgettable memories.

The Best Time For Arranging Camps In Shimla

Being the capital city of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla is a hotspot for tourists all year round. There is no certain time for attending Shimla trekking camps since both summer and winter are accurate for camping. But if you wish to schedule camping in winter, you need to be extra careful. For those who are planning to arrange a camp in winter, November to February would be the perfect time for them. The average temperature of this magnificent hill station always persists between 0°C to 15°C.

Top 5 Places For Shimla Trekking Camp

Being one of the striking hill stations of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla is famous for eye-catching natural views and enormous chances to arrange exciting camps. Apart from urban city life, Shimla has numerous campsites and little villages where nature remains immaculate with the chastity of a rich past. Whether a forest camp or a Swiss tent, Shimla is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts.

Below are some of the best places that can be accurate to organize camps in Shimla.


Among the several places in Shimla for attending different sorts of camps including the city camps, Mashobra is a noteworthy one. Being one of the thriving hotspots for various adventure sports and camping, Mashorba is extremely famous among youngsters for the eye-alluring greeneries all around it. As an adventure enthusiast, you can perform paragliding, trekking, mountain biking, quad biking, river rafting, rappelling, and many more. What you need is to choose the right camp for you.


The next place that can be ideal for attending any camp is none other than Junga. Jungais situated 10 km away from Shimla in its south direction. Junga is a subtle, quiet village covered by Sirmaur and Shimla which is free from all the hustle and bustle of urban modern life. Tourists love this place to explore due to its astonishing views and a plethora of greeneries. Summer Hill, Kalka Shimla Railway, Christ Church, The Ridge, and Jakhoo are some of the notable places near Junga. Once you start with a proper tour program, you can cover all these places with a good traveling experience.


If anyone wants to explore an offbeat destination in Shimla, Narkanda would be appropriate for them. With a vast outdoor, Narkanda offers ample ranges of places for arranging camps for family and friends. Being located 60 km away from the City Centre, this village is one of the renowned Nagar Panchayat of Shimla where you can perform activities like trekking to Hatu Peak, skiing, and exploring regional markets.

So these are some of the best places in Shimla that you can explore by attending some fascinating camps. Most tour packages for Shimla offer extraordinary camping options which you can choose to undergo some best memories of your life. Below are some of the best examples of classy camps where anyone can observe nature from the nearest expanse.

Hail Himalayas 

Hail Himalayas is one of the best Shimla adventure camps which offers the surreal experience of staying closer to nature. The rate of staying one night in this camp is almost 3500 rupees.

Wanderers Camp

Located in Jungle Rajneela, Wanderers Camp is located 16 km away from Shimla. This camp is famous for its extensive greeneries, magnificent peaks, and comfortable accommodation. You can get tasty food, 24-hour electricity, 24-hour hot or cold water, hygienic sanitation, and bonfires in this extraordinary camp. The price of staying here is 1200 rupees per day.

Snow Trail Camps

The next notable camp that can be an ideal choice for you is the Snow Trail Camp. On this camping tour, you can get a panoramic view of the snowy region. The cost of living here for one night is 4000 rupees.

Redwood Camp

The Redwood Camp in Shimla is the best suitable option for those who are looking for an affordable option camp. For travelers who wish to have a camp stay at a reasonable rate, the Redwood camp is perfect for them. Here you need to spend 2300 rupees for a one-night stay.

Jupiter Camp

Jupiter Camp is the ultimate choice for avid travelers if you want complete relaxation. With cosmic natural views, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee by sitting with your nearest ones. For having the most relaxing camping experience, you might need 2500 rupees to spend.
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