Best Budget Friendly Electric Shaver under $40

Now a day’s electric shaver’s market is overcrowded and the top brands products are very expensive. So, people with limited budgets find it very difficult to find the best electric shaver. They keep on searching for hours but with no result. Thus, we are here with such a product that is very affordable and outstanding in performance.

Although SweetLF is not such a prominent name like Braun or Philips but the shaver is comparable with the budget friendly products of top brands. Let’s go to the details and we are confident that you will like this best electric shaver after knowing it.


Being so affordable many will think that design and build quality will not be agreeable but it is opposite here. Although body is not metallic but the plastic used is of high quality. Even the build quality can be compared with expensive shavers whose body are made up of plastic.

Front of the shaver possess one circular button which is responsible for both on/off and activating travel lock. Right below the power button is the LED display which give information regarding the shaver.

Being rotary razor you will see three rotating head in the shaving unit. Due to rotary style it is suitable for long hair as well. Further on the back of shaver you will see a unified trimmer which is for setting side burns or mustaches.

The only drawback which you will see in this design is the lack of grippy material. As the shaver is give shiny finish and also it is suitable for both wet and dry use, so there is chance of dropping when using with wet hands.


Along with design features are also worth praising.

Being IPX7 water proof you can shave under the shower. Along with this shaving with gel or foam is also possible. Being rotary sensitive skin users will some discomfort in dry shaving, but this discomfort can be easily overcome by wet shaving.

Close shave is achieved due to three heads in the shaving unit and powerful motor. Along with this running operation is very silent and does not create any noise. The most pleasing feature is the integrated trimmer. So, whenever you need trimming there is no need of removing the shaving head.

When shave is done then comes cleaning. Proper cleaning is necessary after shave, otherwise blades quality is affected. Although it does not come with automatic clean and charge station but you can clean it easily by washing under the tap water.


Performance of a shaver can be defined as how close and efficient shave it offers.

Along with the three shaving heads and powerful motor there is a built-in double track technology due to which you get a very fast and clean shave. Moreover, heads are capable of moving three dimensional which further make shaving efficient and convenient.

What will please you the most is the self-sharpening ability of blades. Due to this durability season of blades is prolong and you don’t have to replace the blades frequently.  Further they possess double track technology due to which they don’t pull or pluck hair. You will only be disappointed by the performance of unified trimmer. But the overall performance of SweetLF 3D is amazing.

Battery Life     

Being budget friendly many users will doubt its battery life but you don’t have to worry about it. Because its battery life is comparable with the expensive shavers of top brands like Braun or Panasonic. Once charged fully it can be run for 2 hours. The recharge time is only 1 hour, certainly this is admirable. Along with this there is a 5 minutes quick charge option as well.

The LED display will tell you the remaining juice of battery. You can see five bars on the display each of which represent 20% charge. You can recharge the shaver with a micro USB cable but you won’t find charger with it. So, you have to charge it from your laptop or any other USB charger.

Bottom Line       

Once you use this shaver all your doubts about budget friendly shaver will disappear. Thus, anyone who has limited budget and looking for best electric shaver SweetLF 3D is the best option for him. Apart from charger and shiny design you won’t find any other problem in it. Let’s cut to the chase at this price you won’t find any better shaver then this.