6 Remarkable Flowers for Special Days

Remarkable Flowers

Partners have been expressing their love to their loved ones through flowers, chocolates, etc. to add more joy and happiness in their bonding. Flowers are the best means to boost the emotions of your loved one. A bunch of flowers gifted to someone with feelings can make their day. This custom got to be seen all over the world when everybody began celebrating Valentine’s Day. Since at that point, each year on Valentine’s Day individuals plan before to send blossoms to their beloved as a token of their adore online as well as offline As, a result each bloom features a particular meaning joined to it, there too exist a few blossoms particularly implied for celebrating the happiness of your life. Let’s have a brief view of selected love flowers importance:

Red Rose-

Roses are a symbol of love and beauty. Different colors of roses have different symbolism. But red roses are very common and appreciated and loved by everyone. These flowers have been used to express love and are used for many varying reasons by Romans, Greeks and other civilizations. They commonly symbolize gratitude and simplicity. So wherever your love resides you can send flowers through online flower delivery in Chandigarh all over the world.

Chrysanthemum –

These flowers are just not beautiful but also have special powers. Chrysanthemum symbolizes joy, optimization, longevity and fidelity. 

Red chrysanthemum symbolizes deep love and also passion for their love. These flowers create love and cheerfulness when gifted to someone. 


If you want to express your love, then lilies would not fail to make your choice as they look wonderful when arranged. The white lily symbolizes your unconditional love for your partner and their flowers make the best option when it comes to express your love from heart. It looks sophisticated when given a bunch and with a card expressing your love. 

Carnations –

Carnations are considered to be the second option after roses while choosing flowers to give to your loved one. Carnations symbolize love, passion, and courage. They look very attractive and colorful when mixed with other flowers and a gifted and red chrysanthemum creates an amazing view of others’ eyes. So what are you waiting for?  Carnations make the best choice to express your love for your loved one. 


We all know flowers also communicate love, courage and more. When it comes to love, tulips also come in the list. These flowers are the best choice to make relationships stronger. The red tulip symbolizes in love and romance. Different colors of tulips have different meanings, but for romance, the red tulip is the best choice. When tulips of proper shape and size are arranged and gifted, it works wonders. 


Poppy flowers are very fascinating. This is because these have very delicate and soft petals. Their tenderness symbolizes love and romance. If you have to propose to your partner for marriage, these poppies would work wonders when lent in a gorgeous bouquet. The bright orange poppies combined with others can make others’ mood bright and make your day. 

Daffodils –

When they bloom or in a bud, they look amazing. Daffodils symbolize uncertainty or unrequited love. Though daffodils grow in different shades but if you want to express your unconditional love then white and bright orange are the best option .These flowers are meant to be considered for good luck also. These blooms are also given to couples on their tenth anniversary to mean happiness, joy and cheerfulness in their future. 

You can’t go wrong in making a choice with any of these beautiful flowers. When you gift flower bouquet online is always appreciated and remembered on what occasion may be. Flowers always play a role in brightening and bring love and joy.