Startling Ideas to Regift Unwanted Gifts This Christmas

Oh, God!! We get so many gifts on Christmas and other occasions a whole year, but do we all need them? No, not all gifts are required in fact some of them are so unwanted that we do not even open them.  But if we do not need them, then what to do with them? Why not regift??

Regift Unwanted Gifts

Why To Waste Money In Buying New Gifts?

Christmas can be a beautiful excuse to get rid of unwanted gifts. In place of spending money on expensive gifts or borrowing money to buy them, we prefer to regift those we have in our home. Yes, there are cheaper deals on loans for young people, elders, students etc. but what is wrong with the idea of regifting.

A thing that you do not need may be a necessity of someone else. Regift things without hesitation but with specific rules, because it is not wise to act carelessly while working on your task. Besides, it can make your friends and family understand your trick, which makes them feel bad.

Things You Normally Consider As Unwanted Gifts Are Those That –

  • You don’t find useful or functional
  • You already have something similar
  • You are not able to fit in the house due to the big size
  • You do not find as a good match for your habits (such as a book to someone who likes cooking)

Tips To Regift The Unwanted Stuff

Here are some smart and easy tricks to help you forward the undesirable gifts to others and feel lighter once you say them good-bye.

Take time and be patient

Yes, it is imperative to be patient about your regifting ideas because, in haste, you may make a mistake making the person feel bad.

  • Having the haste to forward a gift may make people sense the uselessness of that thing for you. Also, they can understand that you are just using them as a dustbin to dump their things.
  • It can spoil the harmony of the personal relationships and can make relatives and friends lose trust in you. No one likes to be taken for granted.
  • When people realise that you are giving them your unwanted gifts, they do the same with you. It means you will again start accumulating the unwelcomed things. Is that a good deal?? Certainly not!

Wait for a suitable occasion and then use the regift idea; you may be able to relate a right gift to the right person.

Hush! Do not share your regifting plans with others

Even in the technology-driven world of today, word of mouth works faster than any other communication technique.  If you really want to play safe and silently forward the items to other people, then never tell anyone about what you are going to do.

  • The people in neighbours can turn into a morning newspaper once you show them the items packed for the purpose.
  • Telling the plans to the friends may be a wrong decision. They will make fun of you and may also reveal mistakenly in front of others.
  • After sharing the plans, it may become difficult to work on them again because the near and dear ones already know that you do such things. Oops!

The worst effect of this idea is, even if you are regifting with good intentions on a suitable occasion, wrong publicity may harm.

NEVER gift old fashioned or outdated items

Oh, yes, that is an important rule. Gifting a very old thing that is no more in trend or fashion makes the other person detect your intentions in a jiffy. Never do this even with an enemy. It can make a person notorious even in the whole community.

  • Normally such things also start looking old with time due to rusting or other issues
  • It hurts feelings because people can see you do not care for them
  • People take you as a miser person and also weird
  • Friends/relatives may even stop talking to you

Nowadays, good relationships turn into hatred very easily. Do not let it happen and thing twice on this aspect before making the final decision.

Always Change the Gift Cover

There are occasions when there is not sufficient time to buy a new gift because perhaps you forgot the date. In such conditions, most of the people rush to the existing gifts. In the haste to attend the occasion, they pick their own old gift and do not even change the cover.

  • The gift cover fades with time, and you should always notice before sending it forward
  • Sometimes only a new and beautiful gift cover does magic as the first impression is the last impression.
  • You can keep a small stock of gift covers for such emergency conditions. At least, it will save from embarrassment.

Regifting is a skill which needs smart treatment of the thing you want to give to someone else. If someone finds you red-handed, the same thing can become a disgraceful memory of life. However, at the same time, if you do it well, it can save a lot of money. Imagine a person already in poor credit situation has to take Christmas loans for bad credit just to give a nice gift to his boss. Despite the poor finances, one has to spend money. Why not give something that is available already and can be of use to the person. It saves money and dignity both.