7 Thoughtful Birthday Gifts for Your Mother-To-Be Wife

Birthday Gifts

Are you looking for the best birthday presents for your pregnant wife? Don’t know what to shop for the pregnant woman in your life? It’s the birthday of your wife, so what would be a greater thing than the fact that she is carrying your child to be! That means it is a perfect time to offer something special, something above and beyond, in the form of an evocative pregnancy present. Okay, sure, for her birthday or just any day, we have rounded up the best gifts you can give to your pregnant wife. These are your pregnant wife’s greatest gifts, or just gifts for expecting mothers, that tell her you’ve taken that extra moment to really think about what matters to her. As we all know that flowers delivery in Mumbai brings an instant smile on someone’s face, so pair up your bunch of blooms with one or a more of the below gift ideas for soon to be a mother:

Pregnancy Pillow

It can be challenging, to say the least, to get comfortable during pregnancy, though you can be sure that every pregnant woman will cherish this item as a birthday gift. The full-body maternity pillow will instantly relieve maternity aches and pains and guarantee the sleep of a good night. Such a fantastic gift idea for pregnancy is not limited to this phase only, it’s also curated to support mother and child while feeding, and it can, of course, easily be used to gain extra relaxation at any time. It will keep your child and her happy and safe for the coming nights.


The pregnancy music system is excellent for moms-to-be who would like to play music for their unborn baby and certainly a present that the pregnant lady in your life would love to the core. Just plug it into your android phone or music player and give your baby a chance to drool off some relaxing music for your choice. Such music belts are great in quality and convenience, and the equipment inside also assures that the songs are streamed at optimal levels of fetal tone.

Maternity Support Belt

Does this gift sound too practical? Talk it over again. A high quality, supportive maternity support belt is certainly a must-have accessory during pregnancy to support a pregnant belly’s weight and to alleviate back, hip, leg, and pelvic pains. A flexible shape maternity support belt comes in a multitude of sizes from small to wide and obtaining quality is made of ultra-durable materials.

Heating Pad

A great, useful gift for your expectant wife, a heating pad can heat up in just a few seconds for fast comfort. The heating pads are extra-long, making your wife heat up and heal her whole back, abdomen, or problem region. But pregnant or not, this heating pad is a perfect treatment for those suffering from muscle aches, back pain, and abdominal pain.

Designer Hospital Maternity Gown

Would you want your darling to look like a patient in a gloomy, uncomfortable gown in a hospital that doesn’t give her the privacy she intends? With a gorgeous, designer maternity gown, there’s no need to feel vulnerable and drab. The gowns are available in the market in cotton fabric easily in several styles. This gift is best offered for pregnancy while your wife is in her late pregnancy.

Baby Carrier

Since getting your baby, there will be times she would love to have free hands. So here comes the idea of a baby carrier.

The positive thing about this baby carrier is that this can be used to carry newborn babies and toddlers. This gift will also help you to take your baby. With the help of an online gift provider, send flowers bouquet online with a baby carrier as a birthday surprise for your beautiful wife and see the glow on her face!

Diaper Bag

Finally, a diaper bag trendy enough to qualify for a purse, but it also serves as the supreme travel bag. Several front slots and loops for simple stroller alignment are only a few of such bag’s features.  

For on-the-go changes, the bags often come complete with a matching changing pad. F or when she has to go somewhere with your baby, your wife would be able to put a lot of stuff, the baby on, and mum essentials in this bag.

These gifts for pregnancy are also perfect if you’re looking to buy presents for pregnant women. You would appreciate it even if the present is for your pregnant aunt, daughter, sister, friend, co-worker, sibling, girlfriend, or newly pregnant couples.