5 Different Car Parts You Can Keep Spare At Home

Cars have become an integral part of our lives in recent years. It has become difficult to imagine life without them. However, like all mechanical products, cars do go out of order sometimes. To prevent any major loss, it is best to be prepared for such conditions. Car repairs are often time consuming and if the spare parts are not available it may even take additional time. In order to fix the car quickly, keeping certain car parts as spare at home is a wise idea.

Types of car parts to keep as spare:

As mentioned, car has become a part and parcel of life. Hence whenever the cars car is not available it affects our daily routine. But by keeping spare parts of the car hence you can speed up the repair time. Beneath are list in this regard:

1. Anti-lock Braking System control unit:

Abs brakes or anti-lock braking systems are meant to prevent the wheels from locking up and skidding. As a result, the car is brought to a stop immediately. A failure of the ABS control unit will be indicated by orange or bright yellow ABS warning light on the dash. Since these car parts are extremely important for the vehicle to function properly, they can be bought and kept as spare at home.

2. Head Gasket:

The cylinder head is an important component of a car engine. The oil and coolant galleries running to the cylinder head from the engine block is sealed by the Head Gasket. In case the Head Gasket breaks down, the coolant gets into the combustion chamber and oil spills into the coolant passages creating all sorts of problems for the vehicle. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep spare head gasket back at home for emergency purposes to ensure the smooth functioning of your car parts Sydney.

3. Control Arm:

Control Arms links the wheels to the rest of the car. Usually, they contain a mixture of ball joints and other types of bushing that tend to wear out regularly. If the Control Arms wear out, the ball joints will cause knocking and clunking when the vehicle goes over bumps. The car will also begin to feel loose and wander a little while changing directions. Even though sometimes the ball joints and bushings can be replaced individually, it is best to keep spare control arms at home to reduce the repair time.

4. Gas Cap:

A gas cap is among extremely important car parts. It is vital for the gas cap of a car to be closed properly. Many car manufacturers have also installed ‘check gas cap’ warning lights in their models. A loose gas cap can cause a ‘check engine’ light being turned on in the car. Fixing the gas cap is not a big deal and can be easily done even by inexperienced hands at home. Keeping a spare of this car part is a good idea.

5. Intake Manifold Gasket:

A leak in the Intake Manifold Gasket can be very problematic for your vehicle. Your car will have running issues as the ECU won’t monitor the amount of air going to the engine properly in order to spray the exact amount of fuel. This will come as a hindrance in the smooth functioning of your car parts. Therefore, it is best to keep a spare Intake Manifold Gasket at your home so that they can be replaced quickly in case of a breakdown.

Keeping these spare parts help you to easily carry out the replacement on your own without spending a fortune in garages. You can purchase these parts from a nearby market. Besides various online shopping portals also get these products delivered to your doorstep and made the purchasing process easy for you.