Top 5 Easy Workout Ideas to Do at Home for Beginners

Easy Workout Ideas

A couple of years ago, working out from home was just a small trend. Now, it’s become a full-time hobby for a lot of people.

The fact that home workouts have grown in popularity is really great. After all, it’s estimated that 25% of the world’s adult population (which is over 1.4 billion adults) don’t exercise. Specifically, around 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men are not physically active enough – which is staggering. Hopefully, home workouts are going to drastically reduce these statistics over the coming years.

So, if you’re someone who’s new to the world of exercise and wants to start working out from home, perfect – you’ve come to the right place. All you need to do is use this guide as a handy little companion.

1. Buy all the fitness equipment that you need

First of all, you’ll need to stock up on your fitness equipment. Remember, you’re working out from home, not the gym.

You can get all your home exercise equipment from, including:

  • Storage racks
  • Resistance tube bands
  • Physical therapy products

Make sure to store all your equipment in a safe and secure place.

2. Create a workout space

Because you’re doing everything from home, this means you need to create a workout space (after all, you can’t be doing push-ups and sit-ups in the kitchen!).

Ideally, you should create a workout space in your living room, spare room, or bedroom. Remember, you need plenty of space to move, otherwise, you’ll be cramped in and be putting yourself at risk of an injury.

Remember to always move dangerous and fragile objects away from your workout environment. For example, if there’s a TV nearby, move it out of the way.

3. Follow tutorial videos on YouTube

YouTube is your best friend when it comes to home workouts.

Throughout YouTube, there are thousands of fitness channels that you can subscribe to (some of which specialize in home workouts). Here are some to check out:

It’s recommended that you test out at least a handful of channels to see which ones are most suitable for you and your needs.

4. Create a workout calendar

Around the world, millions of people have made New Year’s resolutions to exercise more, only to stop after the first month. Whatever happens, don’t fall into this trap. Sure, working out can be tiresome at times, but if you remain disciplined, it will all pay off in the end.

To prevent yourself from giving up, make sure to create a strict workout calendar that includes start and end times. For each workout you successfully complete, make sure to reward yourself too. This way, you’ll create a positive feedback loop in your brain.

5. Don’t push yourself too hard too quickly

Lastly, don’t push yourself too hard (especially in the early days). It can be tempting to give it everything you’ve got as a beginner, but it’s important to remain sensible.

Remember to listen to your body – it will let you know when enough is enough for the day. If you’re running on the spot or doing some sit-ups, don’t go past your limit, as you’ll put your health at risk.

Be smart. Be safe.