Why Is It Time To Get the Best Anti Phishing Software?

Why Is It Time To Get the Best Anti Phishing Software?

No matter how aware enterprises are about phishing attacks, they are not being able to put a stop to those. Employees are falling prey to phishing emails, enterprises are losing billions of dollars. The rate of phishing attacks has more than doubled in the last two years, resulting in around $12 billion loss in the industry. There are times when we wonder if phishing attacks are having more than regular business deals.

Small, medium and large scale enterprises, multinational companies, or startups- no business is being spared by the attackers. By forming teams, attackers are targeting a business enterprise and looting a huge amount of money. That said, the financial loss is not the only effect of a phishing attack. An enterprise faces issues from all sides when it becomes a victim of a phishing attack.

  • Loss of Reputation
    • When the news of an enterprise being duped by an attacker reaches the customers, the first thing it affects is the stock market. It is followed by the loss of customers who feel that the enterprise is not capable enough to handle their business. Lawsuits by shareholders will result in further loss of reputation.
  • Loss of Confidential Information
    • Phishers do not limit themselves to taking money from the enterprises. Once they breach the security system, they gain access to all the confidential data about customers, clients, shareholders, etc. Attackers get hold of this information. They may even strike a bargain to give back the information for payment. This type of phishing attack is usually called ransomware.
  • Loss of Productivity
    • Attackers will take control of the business system and lock out the employees, putting a halt to the work and productivity. Or, the enterprise may ask the employees to stop working for the time being to trace the source of the phishing attack. Either way, the productivity will take a hit, which will result in other losses for the enterprise. 

In short, an enterprise could lose everything it has worked so hard for, just because of a single phishing email.

Now taking a look at the statistics, we can see that more than 156 million phishing emails are sent every day out of which 16 million bypasses the email security systems. Half of these are opened by the users and around 80,000 users become victims of phishing attacks.

Some of the tech giants such as Google and Facebook have been duped by phishers who looted them for months by posing as vendors. There are various other small and medium scale businesses that have lost millions due to a phishing attack.

Is this because enterprises do not use antivirus software solutions or spam filters? Is it because businesses do not care about email security?

No. Many of these enterprises have famous antivirus software, firewalls, and other security filters to keep their emails safe.

Attackers have managed to breach the security systems of most enterprises. They can send emails that pass through the filters undetected. Most of the traditional email security solutions are not capable of detecting the phishing emails which appear as genuine as an original email.

The Best Anti Phishing Software should be able to detect and block all kinds of phishing emails by using the latest technology. Let us take a look at some of the features that will help in identifying the best software.

  • Software that is built in the cloud and runs on the cloud platform can add an invisible layer of protection to the email system. It cannot be detected by the attackers but can detect and read emails that pass through the system.
  • The software uses artificial intelligence technologies to read emails as humans do. It sees the minute changes in the domain names and addresses of emails that claim to be from known entities.
  • The software can be effortlessly deployed throughout the enterprise within a matter of minutes.
  • The software can be integrated with any of the existing email systems such as Office 365, Exchange, or G Suite. It can also work with other spam and malware filters.
  • The software uses popup banners to alert users about suspicious emails. Users can report the email with a single click.
  • The best anti phishing softwarecan be used on an unlimited number of devices and provides continuous protection. The software will work irrespective of the location of the users.
  • With a machine learning algorithm, the software can create and trace behavior patterns of employees and brands.
  • The software checks the emails for hidden code and traces the source of the email. It does not rely on checking only the URLs or addresses of the email.

Software that meets the above specifications is undoubtedly the best software in the market.