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The caffeine free herbal tea, Steuarts Tea is made up of flowers of the Hibiscus flowers. Made from the Calyces or the sepals, the tea is the popular beverage in most of the countries. Different countries have their own unique ways of preparing it. In China, most of the times, hibiscus tea is blended with the black tea and is meant for those who wish stronger tea. Imparting a tangy flavor, a beautiful deep purplish color, hibiscus is the common ingredient in most herbal teas. It is great to consume the hibiscus tea since it is packed with loads of health benefits.

Treating a variety of health conditions with hibiscus tea

Hibiscus tea is known for treating hypertension or high blood pressure, high fever and liver disorders. Hibiscus has been studied extensively when compared to the other herbs. Most of the studies employ the standard extract of hibiscus and it is the tea which promises to cure a variety of health ailments. Pure hibiscus tea can cure the high blood pressure and its efficacy is being compared to the Captopril drug. It has no side effects and may be used comfortably. The antipyretic properties of the hibiscus tea help in curing high fever. The mechanism of the tea is far different from the aspirin. When it comes to protecting liver, different medicines have chemicals and hence they are complex. Hibiscus is deprived of chemicals and can still protect the liver.

Is there any side effect of hibiscus tea?

The widely used hibiscus tea is recognized to be safe and effective. It may be used on a regular basis. There is the absence of side effect in the hibiscus tea as per the researches. But then, you need to exercise caution while using it. There is a bit of acidity in the tea which can make them unpleasant for many. People suffering from the heart burn or those who wish to avoid the acidic food can consider using hibiscus but in limit. It is known to lower the blood pressure and acts as the ACE inhibitor. You need to use the hibiscus tea with caution.

With the online retailers, the hibiscus tea is available widely. Sold under the name of Roselle Tea, the tea offers a variety of health benefits. Hibiscus tea may also be sold after being blended with other herbal teas.  If used daily, the tea can keep a variety of ailments at bay.

How to buy the pure hibiscus tea?

Hibiscus tea is also known as ‘roselle tea’ since it is made from the dried sepals of the hibiscus. Having a long history of consumption in countries, Steuarts Tea Australia is thought to be safe and can even address a lot many medical conditions. You can also use the hibiscus tea in other herbal teas. When it comes to buying the tea in its purest form, lot of factors need to be considered. It is important to choose a proper company for the buying process.

Should you buy hibiscus tea from Spice Company or Tea Company?

Since hibiscus is an herb, the tea can be procured from a Spice Company or herb companies. Tea companies also carry herbal teas and offer them. Although you cannot judge which is better for the hibiscus tea, it is always great to consider the herb company since the prices are better. Buy in bulk to get better prices. Herb in different grades can be procured from the herb company. When buying pure hibiscus tea, it is important to consider the tea companies specializing in selling the tea in pure form. Herb companies will mix one or two herbs in it.

What are the different categories of hibiscus tea?

Hibiscus tea may be sold mainly in the three categories, namely, in the piece of flowers, as a whole flower and as the powder. Hibiscus tea retains its flavor when in the loose form or whole leaf form. In fact, the whole flower of hibiscus will be more expensive and even infuse slowly. The sifted and cut hibiscus will infuse faster but then it loses its flavor pretty quickly. The powdered hibiscus tea will infuse faster and stays fresh for lesser time than the sifted or cut hibiscus.

In what countries does hibiscus grow?

Hibiscus grows in a lot many countries. It is most commonly found in the Egypt. In other places like Sudan and Nigeria also it is found. Most of the companies from where you buy tea will not specify to which country it belongs to. It is great to buy tea from a company which clearly states the country where the hibiscus was plucked.

Hibiscus tea has the potential to lower the blood pressure and the body weight. Being sour and aromatic, the tea has a purplish hue. You can brew the tea easily at home by seeping the dried sepals like any other herb. The tea can easily curb the need for taking medication for lower blood pressure.

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