Is Linux Reseller hosting better than Windows Reseller hosting?

When you purchase the reseller hosting packages, you mainly tend to re-sell the space of hosting that is provided to you by a web hosting to the third party. Reseller hosting means you actually sell what you purchase from the hosting company to another party on the off chance you were its host. The greatest advantages of reseller hosting are that it provides the best opportunity to earn cost for from hosting sites as well as from developing sites. To get an enormous profit you can charge your customer as per your convenience and can sell more hosting plans. When you have chosen to purchase the reseller hosting in Chennai, you have to make the decision between Linux and Windows reseller hosting plan.

Is Linux Reseller hosting better than Windows Reseller hosting?
  • Whatever server you buy or work with, you will require an operating system as like your PC needs one. So you are given an option to select between Linux reseller hosting and windows reseller hosting. While comparing with customization option, Linux has numerous features when compared to windows. So most of the developers and system administrators go for Linux plan.
  • For reseller hosting numerous application are available with various features provided by different hosting providers. Linux helps you to use the number of open source applications as the Linux itself an open source.  You have to make sure that the applications are suitable for the OS. Some applications may run effectively on Linux and they may fail to run on windows.
  • When compared to in terms of stability, Linux scores higher because of its nature of open source as it allows acclimate different types of environment and it can be developed and updated from time to time.
  • It is better to go for windows reseller hosting packages to run.Net as it runs only on windows environment.
  • On the basis of pricing both windows and Linux reseller packages are reasonable in cost but when you have a tight budget plan then it is helpful for you to opt for Linux as it is open source and no licensing fees, dissimilar in windows.
  • Regarding server installation and configurations one can select windows as app settings will be easier than Linux. Configurations in windows will always take low time consumption than Linux.
  • Individuals who sign up will have a concern in terms of security and they require the secured hosting plan, so whoever wants latest and advanced security features can choose Linux hosting plans because it is open-source and free, there are also prospects of increasing many security layers.
  • Finally, we come to the conclusion that most web developer or admin pickup Linux reseller hosting plans and windows reseller hosting plan is suitable to build extra applications and also compatible to .Net environment. In order to ensure your website security, you have to update your software at regular intervals as the hackers will spread malware when there are faults in your security system.
  • For the protective data encryption, you have to choose the best web hosting provider that can provide you with SSL for complete security. Your work is to search for a web host which could provide you with high-security set-ups and also have qualified professionals that are dedicated to assuring security for all clients.