How Web Caching Is Beneficial for WordPress

WordPress Web Caching

Web caching is the phenomenon to reduce the bandwidth and increase the speed of delivering data to the user. It stores commonly used web pages in its cache storage, however, it is helpful in reducing the complexity of the process. Basically, it refers to the “process of creating a static version of your content and rendering it to the user” and all web development companies understand its significance. Usually when a user request the data using web browser the server has to do a lot of complex calculations. It retrieves the data and delivers it to the browser, wouldn’t it be great that server remembers the exact results what you want to access.

Earlier, I have already mentioned about it briefly, now here I am going to discuss WordPress caching, how web caching is important for WordPress and caching plugins etc.

WordPress Caching

In WordPress, the database sends the back and forth queries to and from the web browser to deliver and fetch the data. If you have created a page or a post and you haven’t been updating it usually then the WordPress will generate static copies of the page or post and deliver it to the visitor. The process of avoiding back and forth queries lead to less loading time.

WordPress Plugins

Always use a single plugin, when a plugin is correctly configured it will speed up your website quite faster. The configuration of multiple plugins slow down the loading process so, try to avoid usage of multiple plugins. W3 Total Cache, W3 Super Cache, WP Rocket plugins are the best WordPress plugins.

Host’s Caching

WPEngine, Flywheel have an excellent caching mechanism that is used to run on managed WordPress hosting environment. A caching system implemented by different companies are work at a lower level than plugins, that means they are most effective. Never allow using plugins and host together. It will probably increase the complexity and loading time.

Writing Efficient Code

As a coder, you must be aware of the internal working of the WordPress that what you are calling using the code and what you are retrieving. The next is, how to use transients in WP, transients are the object caching solutions with an expiry. It is used in header & footer caching. Transients changed exceptionally when you empty the cache otherwise it doesn’t change over time.

Benefits of caching

  • There are so many benefits of caching in WP
  • It enhances the speed as well as the performance of the WP.
  • The static cache files load faster in comparison with dynamic database queries that will improve the performance of the WP.
  • Fast websites not only load faster but also get a top rank with the search engine. This also varies on other objects like quality of content and SEO settings.
  • Caching also helps in reducing the load on hosting server. That results into saving server memory and I/O operations.
  • Cache websites provide overall best user experience. A faster website helps user browse fast & better and it means the user’s bandwidth is also saved since its using static pages.

These are some benefits of web caching that boosts the speed of your site and reduce the host & server load.