Web Browser Compatibility and Its Best Testing Tools

Web Browser Compatibility

Web designing and developing will facilitate the user with standard web experience, but it’s their duty to analyze that user is experiencing the same results with different devices, browser, operating systems, resolutions etc.

Browser compatibility is the flexibility of web pages, web applications, website, HTML design or javascript to function on different web browsers that work in the market. the benefits of creating a website with web browser computability, it improves the website’s reach and increases the rate of web performance.

When it comes to designing & developing the web, in the process you need to face several issues like bugs, compatibility, rendering data and services etc. but the professional web development services and web designers invented multiple testing tools to resolve and diagnose the browser compatibility issue with different platforms. There is three type of browser compatibility:

  • Internet explorer compatibility
  • Desktop browser compatibility
  • Mobile browser compatibility

Browser testing

Browser testing is also known as cross browser testing. The process is used to check that your website or web browser works as proposed in any given browser in both the server and client sides. The certain metrics to identify the issue:

Mobile responsiveness, code validation across browsers, web performance all over the browser, behavior, user interface matching with original plans.

There are multiple web browser compatibility testing tools. Each tool owes unique features to debug the issues:


It’s a very popular web based browser tool used by the giant brands like twitter, Microsoft, jQuery, Wikipedia. It’s a paid tool which will give you a direct access to debug the issue without hassle.


I’s a free, simple and very useful testing tool which captures screenshots within a browser. Its services provide how a site looks in a range of browser. You can select the color depth, screen size whether to check or not check the issues with JavaScript, Java, and Flash.

Browser SandBox

Browser SandBox is a tool to test the web browser issues that is run by turbo.net. it runs desktop and server application on any windows app. It features one click run (no installation required). It supports chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE from 6-11.


It is a paid testing tool which allows testing your site in dozens of browsers with real physical devices over thousands of OS platform, web browsers, and devices. Browser supported- Opera, Safari, Firefox, IE, Chrome.


It is a responsive cross-browser testing tool. You can run it using VMware, Virtual Box, how it runs is windows only product. It debugs your site on iPad, iPhone, Android, HTML5 markup validation, Developer tools, mobile network speed simulation. It runs IE 6-11, Safari 5.11, Chrome, Firefox all versions as a standalone browser on a desktop screen.

These tools have equipped the top in browser testing tool list. You can try it and check the browser compatibility.