Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Teeth Healthy Always

Keep Teeth Healthy

Great smile is not possible without healthy teeth. So, you should get to know what keeps the teeth as pearly white as it needed. More importantly, you should know what causes your oral health to deteriorate and what keeps it maintained. With such knowledge, it becomes easy to know ways to achieve health and strength to your teeth and live a disease-free life. After all, your general health is also linked to your dental health and that’s why oral care on a timely basis is important.

Here are 10 ways to keep your teeth healthy –

1. Brush before hitting the bed

Brush before bed

Brushing at night is something you just can’t ignore else it might allow germs and bacteria to build up and cause great damage to your teeth. This is not a substitute to your morning brushing ritual; rather you have to do brush twice a day to stop plaque formation and storage.

2. Brush with a right technique

Brushing alone is not going to benefit much if you don’t know how to get the act right. The recommended technique is – do it gently, do it thoroughly and move the brush slowly and in circular motion to get rid of plaque.

3. Clean your tongue daily

Right after brushing the teeth, do clean the tongue. Not doing it means you allow plaque to buildup on the surface and lead to bad mouth odor. You can use either a tongue cleaner or use the brush itself to do the cleaning in a gentle way.

4. Floss the teeth daily

With brushing alone, can you take out the food particles stuck between the teeth? Well, not, and this where flossing does come handy. Dentists recommend it daily so that you floss out any debris capable of causing dental problems later on. And yes, do floss daily for superior result.

Floss the teeth daily

5. Use only a fluoride-rich toothpaste

Your toothpaste has to contain fluoride. If it does not, your brushing is then not going to be as effective as needed. Flavors and whitening powders can’t help your teeth much because they are not rich in anything worthwhile. On the other hand, fluoride is the mineral that can provide strength and vigor to your teeth and enamel.

6. Use mouthwash

Using a mouthwash comes with several benefits worth not ignoring. First of all, it is full of minerals so you can expect it to re-mineralize the teeth. Secondly, unlike water, it cuts back the amount of acid in the mouth and helps keep the teeth healthy. And lastly, it reaches where your brush bristles may not for a total cleaning.

7. Drink more water

Drink as much water as you could. It won’t harm ever. And it’d be great if you did after every meal. This way you could counter the effects of acidic foods and maintain dental health. What’s more, water can scrub away lots of items that often get stuck somewhere in the oral cavity.

8. Get your diet right

You can eat healthy to maintain your dental health. Your diet should include crunchy fruits, vegetables and dairy items, not and never processed foods or squash juices or colas. Some of things to eat for dental health include almonds, apples, strawberries, milk, water etc.

9. Limit sugary and acidic foods

The less sugar you eat, the better it will be for your dental health. The same holds true for acidic foods as they too can pose risk to your dental health. So, stay away from them and flash your whiter smile.

10. Visit the dentist regularly

Visit the dentist

Never hesitate in seeking a dental treatment if you have some problems to your teeth. And yes, visit the dentist once every 6 months to stay clear of dental issues.