6 Best Tips to Lose Weight Fast and Not Gaining Back

According to Dr. Kathy Foster, nearly 65% of people on the diet end up taking back all the pounds lost in 3 years. That’s the bad news. The good news is that 2014 study found that out of 3,000 people who lost more than 14 pounds in a year, 87% maintained a weight loss of 5 kilograms or more over the next 10 years.

In other words, most people on the diet fail to lose weight, but if you are successful in the first year, you greatly increase your chances of stabilizing and keeping your weight down for many years to come.

The question is what to do to avoid the mistakes that prevent most people in the diet from maintaining their weight loss?

Tips to Lose Weight Fast

How to lose weight fast? It is impossible to give a single answer. 3 main tips organize most slimming programs but criteria such as experience, motivation, availability, age, sex and personality impose specific responses when you want to lose weight without medication, without doing a rigorous diet and without much effort.

Quickly read these effective tips that allow you to lose weight so you never have to take it back!

3 essential tips to lose weight without depriving yourself

The best diet to lose weight does not exist but the various solutions of training-sportif.fr to lose weight without diet, or at least without depriving oneself excessively and while remaining in good health, are based on 3 simple guidelines acting in synergy . They are all essential to lose fat and get closer to its ideal weight. What makes you lose weight for sure and in a sustainable way?

Tip 1 – Having fun while moving

The first tip is the essential trigger for the slimming process. It is necessary to practice a physical activity with pleasure to burn calories and to be reconciled with its body while expressing its full potential. The production of endorphins during exercise and the reduction of cortisol, the main stress hormone, has a highly favorable effect on weight loss. The chosen sport does not matter, but it is preferable that it be practiced in a group composed of people with a very different physical profile for the emulation provided, the motivation generated and the well-being felt.

Tip 2 – Eat a healthy diet

The second tip concerns the intake of calories and minerals. It is important to have a healthy diet that is certainly low calorie but favors slow sugars. It must be based on unprocessed organic products that are richer in nutrients and more nutritious than the processed and impoverished products of the agri-food industry. This dietary program should ideally rely on the advice and monitoring of a professional graduate to avoid losing weight too quickly which is harmful in the long term.

Tip 3 – Build, stretch and massage to have a high basal metabolism

The third board guarantees physical health over the long term. It is advisable to practice daily specific exercises of musculation of moderate intensity without excessive effort at the beginning to retrain and at high intensity thereafter to increase the metabolism of rest . In this way, we commit ourselves to a healthy and active lifestyle up to a very advanced age. The weight training program complements the sporting activity chosen. Stretches and massages facilitate lymphatic and synovial circulation, which is as favorable for stimulating basal metabolism as for reducing chronic pain, such as back pain and osteoarthritis, due to a sedentary lifestyle.

Dr. Adolf Charles said that I have seen many people who want to lose weight fast and yes it is possible but losing too much in a short period can be harmful like if you want to lose 30 pounds in 2 weeks you should be very careful. Experts suggest that we should lose it slowly.

Check out these tips that can help you to make it fast.


Losing weight quickly always makes you want and sometimes seems like a good idea. The biggest problem with this type of diet is that once you have lost your weight and found the line, we return to the same bad habits and eating habits that we had before to start a diet.

Alas, the draconian diets never work: according to this article, 95% of people who succeed in losing weight with a fast diet regain all their kilos as dry.

That’s why the number one rule of effective weight loss is to have a long-term plan, and not a short-term strategy at all costs.


One study showed that people on a low protein diet stored 95% of the excess calories as fat. Those who follow a normal or high protein diet, they only store 55% of their calories in excess of fat. It’s still 40% difference, it’s enough to make you think!

So if you want to lose weight and get it back as soon as possible, cut down on carbohydrates and fats and eat more protein.


It is well known that having a full breakfast is the key to weight loss, and many studies support this thesis.

So do what your mum always told you in the morning and have a good full and balanced breakfast as soon as you get up!


This Japanese study showed that consuming vinegar on a daily basis reduced waist circumference and body fat.

It may seem odd, but several studies say it, so it may be worth trying: prepare your sauce balsamic vinegar salad dressing, try adding a few drops of vinegar on your omelets and do not hesitate to look for recipes that you allow you to include a little in your daily diet, and you’ll see soon if it has any effect on you!


Keeping a food diary can allow you to lose up to twice as much weight. Writing everything you eat and keeping track of how many calories you swallow each day is an effective (and proven!) Way to lose weight over the long term.

It may seem tedious, but there are now many applications that can easily grasp everything you have eaten at each meal while automatically calculating the number of calories swallowed.

If you do not like using your smartphone, you can always rate your meals, the quantities and the corresponding calories in a notebook.


If you find it easy not to eat for long periods of time, punctual fasting can be a good strategy for you.

Indeed, some doctors recommend punctual fasting , a “diet” where you take long punctual breaks of course between your meals.

By applying these tips, you should lose several pounds quickly and especially durably. In any case, it’s always worth a try!