Know About 6 Best Vegan Iron Supplements For Adults

Vegan Iron Supplements For Adults

Are you not able to maintain the optimum iron level?

Are you experiencing extreme fatigue and weakness?

If you are a vegetarian, there is a higher chance of becoming iron deficient. The reason is that from plant food, you will get only non-heme iron, which is quite hard to absorb. The low iron stores in the body lead to many health issues like chest pain, breathlessness, weakness, etc. If iron deficiency is not treated promptly, it could also make you anemic. Anemia is a severe health condition in which the body is not able to produce adequate numbers of red blood cells due to low iron content. These cells deliver oxygen to all vital organs of the body. The fall in RBCs can affect the functioning of various body organs, including the cardiovascular system. 

To be strong and in good health, vegan people must devour iron supplements along with nutritional food. The high-quality liquid iron supplements are very effective and do not have harmful effects. However, if you are also dependent on vegetarian nutrition for all your dietary needs, then it is better that you consult a doctor and start consuming iron substitutes from today.

Different forms for iron

This article will highlight the six vegan iron supplements that boost your iron content and improve your overall well-being. But before proceeding, let us learn four different forms of iron supplements.

  • Ferric Iron

It is a less soluble type of iron. These supplements are less costly but not very effective.

  • Ferrous Iron

To increase the absorption, generally, ferric iron is reduced to a ferrous state. This iron supplement is available in many different forms, such as ferrous sulfate, ferrous fumarate, ferrous gluconate, etc.

  • Carbonyl Iron

This form of iron is non-toxic and does not cause any harm to the digestive tract in many cases. Carbonyl iron is easy to absorb and is 100% elemental iron. 

  • Chelated Iron

It is the most superior form of iron, but its availability is not very common. 

Now, let’s jump to the top 6 vegan iron supplements that prove useful for adults. Have a look!

6 Vegan Iron Supplements

1. Mega Foods Blood Builder Minis

Mega Foods Blood Builder Minis are one of the best-selling iron supplements. This supplement is made with natural and whole-food ingredients. That’s why it is pretty easy to absorb. Apart from iron, these minis are also loaded with folate, vitamin C & B12. It is 100% vegan and can be taken empty stomach. A single pack of Mega Foods iron supplements contains 60 tablets. It does not cause nausea as well as constipation and combat fatigue effectively.

2. Novaferrum High Potency Liquid Iron Supplement

Novaferrum liquid iron supplement is clinically proven and super effective in inclining iron status. It does not contain harmful chemicals and synthetic colors. Made from natural fruit extracts and sweeteners, this iron substitute is highly absorbable and easy on the digestive system. Novaferrum Liquid Iron Drops are available in Grape-raspberry flavor and are free from unpleasant metallic taste.

3. PlantFusion Complete Iron Capsules

PlantFusion Complete Iron Capsules comes next in the row. It is best for those who want straightforward supplements without too many additives. Apart from iron, these capsules only contain folate and B12 ( just to boost the iron utilization.)

4. Snap Iron Builder

If you are looking for iron supplements with an absorption booster, Snap Iron Builder is the right choice. Each capsule of Snap Iron Builder is composed of 25 mg iron and an adequate amount of vitamin B & C. These nutrients foster iron absorption and prevent you from digestive problems.

5. EZ Melt Vegan Iron

It contains carbonyl iron and is tested by 3rd parties for purity. EZ Melt Vegan iron tablets are easily dissolved and exceptional in taste. Also, their size is much smaller than the traditional iron pills.

6. Future Kind + Vegan Iron Supplements

Future Kind+ Vegan Iron supplements are purely vegan and made with chelated iron (the purest and easily absorbable form of iron.) Its box consists of 30 capsules, each of which comprises 18 mg iron & 50 mg vitamin C.

The Bottom Line-:

Hammering the final nail, it can be concluded that a vegan can’t fulfill iron needs with just natural food. To stay away from various health problems, it is essential to intake iron supplements without any gaps.