Understand Real Estate Marketing In 2020

Real Estate MarketingWhile in the past decades, we have lived the era of great transformations generated by industry, commerce, and the emergence of technology. Today, the world is no longer the same without paying attention to communication and marketing strategies.

This is because companies and professionals who want to stand out need more and better to know how to relate to their audience and potential customers. And this is where the adoption of marketing strategies can help brokers and real estate marketing companies achieve their goals, whether to sell or rent exclusive properties and others of lower added value or even keep their client portfolio active.

For this reason, we have separated some pertinent information for you who want to know a little more about how marketing can positively impact activity in real estate marketing. Follow!

1 – What is marketing?

Marketing is a way of carrying out planned actions that impact the market in which a particular company is inserted. The very origin of the word reinforces this statement. The word Marketing comes from the English market, which means the market. When you are adding to the end of a word in English, you usually want to give a sense of action. Therefore, doing marketing would be like “doing something in the market,” something like making some product or service known in the market. 

2 – What is real estate marketing for?

Real estate marketing aims to generate campaigns to attract potential buyers of real estate. The professionals involved use strategies and techniques to qualify leads and make them capable of closing a purchase. For real estate, this area helps by improving credibility and expanding your business’s visibility and reach, which makes it fundamental for the success of the sale of real estate.

3 – How does a marketing job help my sales?

It will help guide the customer towards a purchase decision. He receives the potential buyer, after the work done by the marketing team, and converts that search for property into a negotiated deal. Thus, it does not help to have a great house available, for example, if you cannot sell it.

4 – How can I manage my client portfolio?

Always be in control of the number of contacts sought for your services and feed them information whenever possible, with a certain periodicity. Certainly, leads who are potential buyers of real estate will return to do business with your real estate marketing company if it has your brand highlighted in your memory. For this, keeping customers active, especially to receive direct mail and be invited to follow their accounts on social networks, is essential.

5 – Does marketing require good internal communication?

Yes! Always invest in integration between departments in your company. Acting in isolation, the sectors retain valuable data, which greatly hinders the performance of the real estate as a whole. The marketing sector has the goal of generating excellent opportunities. Still, several times, it does not follow the entire sales cycle of a property. When this integration works, the results are evident in the segment. This is all possible with the use of technology, with some systems that monitor stages, delivery of actions, and analysis of results.

6 – Marketing helps to know my client

If marketing does not generate qualified leads, the sales department will have much more work to convert the buyer into a customer or, even, will not do so. However, marketing is when leads are worked on, and sales are unable to convert. Therefore, it is clear that the sectors need to carry out activities together and have common goals.

7 – Always unite marketing and sales departments

As much as they perform different activities, the integration of marketing and sales in the real estate market is essential to obtain expressive results. And tracking numbers can be much more efficient through technology. Therefore, real estate management tools, such as management software, CRM, and online courses for real estate agents, help to integrate and measure results with much more quality.

8 – Invest in training

Most of the people who work in the real estate sector believe that they will have immediate success by learning sales techniques. They fail to understand that the business involves many other aspects of training, and a focus on numbers is required. For that, marketing can be an important resource. Through the study of its tools, such as an adaptation of customer approach, brand positioning, publicity, and advertising initiatives, these efforts for success will certainly be much more effective.

9 – What marketing actions should I perform?

Marketing goes far beyond a sales strategy. The 4 P’s of marketing make it clearer the range of actions a professional focused on marketing can perform. Therefore, focus on these four items below in a committed way, and you will be successful:

  • Product: know the property you are negotiating well. Always give the customer all the support and solutions for doubts, regardless of whether you work with land, launches, rental, or sale .;
  • Square: see how to trump the location of the property. We can understand the square as being a region of the city or the city as a whole. Your local understanding and knowledge can help facilitate a negotiation;
  • Price: This is the basis of a broker’s profession, which should facilitate an agreement between the parties, and, in general, price is the central point of all negotiations. In the case of real estate marketing, this has an even greater weight. After all, the definition of the sale/lease value in each business serves as a basis for the definition of the starting values ​​for the products that are or will enter the market;
  • Promotion: If you don’t advertise, you don’t sell. Knowing how to advertise your product should be a specialty of any real estate agent or broker. Be on social networks; invest in getting known!

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